What Has 11 Democrats, 6 Republicans and 1 Libertarian?

The First Congressional District race to replace U.S. Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, who is not seeking re-election. And another 7 Republicans and 2 Libertarians seeking their parties’ nominations for the Second Congressional District seat held by Democratic incumbent Ann McLane Kuster of Hopkinton.
Who has a million dollar campaign war chest?

The world may soon be awash in advanced, lethal drones

A report for the Joint Chiefs of Staff warns that rapidly proliferating large military drones will give enemies vastly more data and firepower.

Andrew Butler May Be Heading Home To Hollis Soon

CONCORD – The young Hollis man whose story spurred opposition to holding mentally ill patients who haven’t committed a crime at the Secure Psychiatric Unit at the men’s prison has been transferred back to the state’s psychiatric hospital.

Hydro-Quebec and Natural Gas Back On Eversource Table

CONCORD — Eversource informed the Public Utilities Commission Monday that it will file a revised proposal to purchase natural gas capacity from the Access Northeast proposed pipeline. Eversource also asked regulators to vacate their order denying a Power Purchase Agreement with Hydro-Quebec included in the Northern Pass Transmission proposal.