NH News Roundup for Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017

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Welcome to InDepthNH.org’s roundup of news that matters in New Hampshire for Jan. 1

Year In Review: Chopper catches cops at conclusion of Simone chase (Nashua Telegraph)

What started as a high-speed chase from central Massachusetts into Nashua turned into a larger conversation about police brutality after officers were captured on video repeatedly assaulting the suspect involved in the wild pursuit.

Colebrook Chronicle

The News and Sentinel

Woman dies in Nottingham house fire (NH1)

NOTTINGHAM – The New Hampshire State Fire Marshal’s office is investigating the cause of a three-alarm fire that killed a woman in Nottingham Friday night.

 Woman appeals conviction for killing 3-year-old daughter (WMUR)

Lawyers for Katlyn Marin raise questions about trial. 

The Snow Report: Freshies delight skiers and riders heading into New Year’s weekend (Conway Daily Sun)

CONWAY — Skiers and riders rejoiced in the Christmas week present of up to 24 inches of snow accompanied by sunny blue skies Friday following the powdery punch delivered Thursday by Fortis the Nor’easter. A skier delights in fresh powder at Cranmore Mountain on Friday.

State House to take on drugs, guns, money in 2017 (Union Leader)

Gazing into the crystal ball, some things about 2017 are fairly easy to predict, others less certain, and then, in the words of former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, there are the “unknown unknowns.”

Dog saves family from fire in Tilton (Laconia Daily Sun)

TILTON _ A family dog alerted residents of a Tilton home to a fire in the basement Friday night. “My dog started barking loudly, and then all of the smoke detectors started sounding,” said owner Jody Pelleter.

N.H. Journalism Startup Gets A $50,000 Boost To Cover The North Country (NHPR)

 A year-old journalism nonprofit has been awarded a $50,000 grant from the NH Charitable Foundation. 

Retailers Fight to Stay Alive (Valley News)

HANOVER – At least nine longtime independent retail stores closed their doors in 2016, accelerating a trend that has been especially noticeable since the end of the 2008-09 recession. The roll call of fallen businesses include retailers that had welcomed customers for decades, if not generations, leaving in their place vacant spaces that in many cases have yet to be occupied by new tenants.

Decision On Unsafe Pemi Wilderness Bridge Delayed Until Spring (InDepthNH.org)

At the core of the forest service’s deliberations is the tricky question: how wild should the wilderness be?

A Year In Review 2016 (Berlin Daily Sun)

Looking back on 2016 there were many news stories that shaped the year for Berlin and the surrounding communities.


Did Santa Bring You Gifts Just To Spy on You? (InDepthNH.org)

I need to share one thing with you first: I am really bad at gift giving. Just ask my wife, who once got a rototiller for her birthday.

Jim Kenyon: Shumlin Tries to Right a Wrong (Valley News)

In June 2013, Gov. Peter Shumlin signed a bill decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana in Vermont. As a result, people caught with up to one ounce of pot can pay a fine, much like they do with a traffic ticket, and get on with their lives.

Dave Barry’s Year in Review: Trump and the ‘hideous monstrosity’ that was 2016 (Miami Herald)

We’ve seen some weird years, but we’ve never seen one as weird as 2016, the Al Yankovic of years. If years were movies, 2016 would be “Plan 9 From Outer Space.” If years were relatives, 2016 would be the uncle who shows up to your Thanksgiving dinner wearing his underpants on the outside.

What Does 2017 Hold for NH Cartoonist Mike Marland? (InDepthNH.org)

Looking back, it’s easy to jump right into the political mood of the past by checking how New Hampshire’s homegrown editorial cartoonist Mike Marland portrayed what we were thinking at the time. 


Terrorist Attack at Nightclub in Istanbul Kills at Least 39 (New York Times)

The gunman was still at large after the mass shooting early Sunday in which dozens more were wounded, Turkish officials said.

L.A. sheriff’s deputies disciplined after horrific torture death of 8-year-old boy (LA Times)

Documents show that deputies visited Gabriel Fernandez’s home multiple times during the eight months prosecutors say he was being tortured and beaten.

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