Won’t Apply for Government Nonprofit Fund

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Nancy West, founder of

Dear Reader, We will not apply to the Governor’s Fund for any of the $60 million CARES Act money earmarked for nonprofit organizations. Although we are eligible as a 501C3 in good standing with the IRS, the Attorney General’s Charitable Trust Unit and the Secretary of State’s office, will not apply because we scrutinize all grant opportunities for possible conflicts of interest or potential ethical problems.

We’re nobody’s lapdog. Doing what we do is extremely difficult when some would have people believe we are in bed with a certain political party or advancing our own agenda, and nothing could be further from the truth. To do what we do earns us criticism, and lots of it if you follow social media. So be it, but our readers by their support and donations are letting us know that there has never been a more pressing need for what we do.

We are encouraged and energized to continue on, even though it seems every journalism organization has a hand out due to the current crisis. That makes it harder for us to seek the financial support we need to sustain our operation, but we are willing to be selective so that we may continue to be independent.

 We hold the powerful accountable – and that includes the government – and believe there could be the appearance of a conflict of interest by accepting government funding. It is imperative that we maintain our integrity on every level, however tempting free money may seem. Thanks for your support, Nancy West

Your donations to are tax-deductible so please become a monthly sustainer today.  IRS determination letter here. Checks to New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, 38 Edgewater Drive, Barrington, NH 03825. email:

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