OPINION: ATVs Are Important in North Country

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By Lise Barrette

I want to express the importance of ATV’s in our area. Berlin and Gorham have had an increase in tourism since ATV’s have been allowed on the roads and many many trails have been created in the whole North Country.

Lots of people want to stay in Gorham and visit Berlin because of the fact that they can drive on the streets and get to businesses without having to trailer.  We now hear ATV’s (and snowmachines in the winter) driving through Main Street.

Yes it’s loud,  but they have to be off trails and road by a certain hour.  These people in Gorham are being inconvenienced during daylight hours.

Although I understand their point of view, I don’t understand how they could want to destroy something that has become so important to our economy of the North Country.  I’m an avid rider from Berlin and I would hate to see our trails become blocked or eliminated.  I’m not sure Gorham can make their trail access anywhere else.

And if they do move it, then someone else will complain.  I think these people need to accept a little noise and dust for the good of our economy and outdoor activities.

Lise Barrette

Berlin, NH 03570

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