Make Contact Today With ‘Point of Contact’

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A Review by Monica Drahonovsky
Point of Contact – a Tom Clancy, Jack Ryan, Jr. Series 

Every reader knows Tom Clancy books. This a new book in the Clancy series about Jack Ryan, Jr.  It is a good read and you will want more.

Monica Drahonovsky

The energy, wit, and wisdom of all the characters will pique your interest to a new level.  Along with the usual and exciting “who done it” work of all Clancy books, Mike Madden introduces us to a new and unlikely hero.  Paul is a forensic accountant with a weakness for whiskey, tea and Carmen.

The author takes us on a worldwide journey confronting lies, corruption, government bureaucracies, technical computer coding, greed and international gangsters.  Of course, there are the usual and descriptive dives into the underworld.

The ending is a complete surprise and you will have to rethink how you got there.  North Korea and Singapore are front and center. You will love learning how to open locks by using two paper clips. 

The characters are realistic and scary.  No one is angelic and everyone has a flaw or two.  You really will like reading this tale.  There is so much of everything going on that is really happening today that you will wonder if the author has a crystal ball. 

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