Monica Reads Our Own Roger Wood’s ‘Lawson Found’ (And Loves It)

Print More is celebrating our 10th month online. We don’t usually blow our own horn, but have taken the Fourth of July weekend to do just that. Our Audio/Video Producer Roger Wood has published his first book “Lawson Found” and my sister, Monica Drahonovsky writes MonicaReads so we let her loose reviewing Roger’s book. Roger had no input on this review. We will always disclose our connections. is your nonprofit news website.

Monica Drahonovsky

Monica Drahonovsky


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Lawson Found by Roger Wood
MonicaReads by Monica Drahonovsky

Roger Wood takes the reader through the 1960s and all that entails. Lawson Found brings home the passion of the times –­­ the color issue, draft issue, coming-­of-­age issue and how a young man of that era makes sense of it all — the girls, women, school, part­-time job, cars and parents that help shape his life and character.

Derek gives us a front­-row seat to a young man’s fancy and his search for his future. He is dealing with parents who love him and have high expectations of him because their own expectations were not met. So Derek is left to fill everyone’s expectations and to find out what he really wants.

It is a good ride through his eyes, Derek’s journey to manhood ­­ from a tumultuous childhood that was filled with yearning questions.

Derek’s story regarding women and his surprising knowledge of the radio business is intriguing. His parents notice his interest early on regarding radio and Ham Radios as well as Morse Code. This sets in motion his haphazard education that promises to be his future.

But does Derek know this is where he is headed? Or is this something set up by his parents?

His Grandfather, the father of his Dad, has paid for his college but is not loved or revered by his father or his mother. In fact, they are very unhappy about his intervention, but then the tide turns.

Questions abound. Does Derek marry his true love? What happens? Where does his future lead? Find out – read the book!

Lawson Found is interesting and the author is an excellent wordsmith giving readers a colorful vision on the author’s ride to his future.

You will enjoy this read and you can find it on

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