Sununu Signs 51 Bills Into Law

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Paula Tracy photo

Gov. Chris Sununu is pictured in this file photo.

Concord, NH – Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 51 bills into law:

  • HB 155: Relative to the higher education commission
  • HB 182: Prohibiting discharge of volunteer firefighters or volunteer medical technicians from other employment
  • HB 283: Relative to rental application fees charged to prospective tenants
  • HB 354: Relative to charted public school eligibility for state school building aid
  • HB 370: Relative to after market window tinting on motor vehicles for drivers with medical conditions
  • HB 1002: Relative to fees for records under the right to know law
  • HB 1008: Relative to the authority of the commissioner of the Department of Education to grant extensions for the filing of school expenditure reports
  • HB 1009: Relative to the submission of annual town reports to the commissioner of the Department of Education
  • HB 1019: Relative to the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children
  • HB 1038: Relative to prohibiting registered sex offenders from employment at businesses providing direct services to minors or direct supervision or oversight of minors
  • HB 1042: Repealing the requirement that each pharmacy establish a continuous quality improvement program
  • HB 1045: Relative to requiring a powerboat operator to wear an engine cut-off switch (ECOS) while operating
  • HB 1046: Requiring a boat owner who is not the operator to notify law enforcement and file an accident report in certain circumstances
  • HB 1048: Relative to the Commission on Holocaust and Genocide Education
  • HB 1062: Relative to the use of special cover plates
  • HB 1066: Relative to the graduation requirement of filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • HB 1104: Relative to the review of decisions in cases involving judicial misconduct
  • HB 1109: Relative to requiring student identification cards to include the helpline for the National Alliance for Eating Disorders and the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline
  • HB 1138: Equalizing the fines for operating an OHRV with a driver’s license suspended and operating a snowmobile with a driver’s license suspended
  • HB 1151: Relative to the carrying of alcoholic beverages on hotel premises and monthly deposits from the liquor commission to the general fund
  • HB 1155: Relative to insurance coverage for living organ donors
  • HB 1160: Relative to school assessments of statewide academic areas
  • HB 1161: Relative to use of the public-school infrastructure fund for energy efficient school buses
  • HB 1164: Relative to criminal records checks of teacher credentialing applicants
  • HB 1214: Relative to establishing a committee to study best practices for the development of a restorative justice model for misdemeanor-level behavior and hate crimes committed by juveniles under the age of eighteen
  • HB 1235: Relative to high school students serving as school board members
  • HB 1249: Relative to the towing of inflatables by motorboats
  • HB 1260: Relative to the criminal penalty for violations of privacy involving minors
  • HB 1270: Relative to protective custody statutes
  • HB 1340: Relative to exclusion of incarceration as voluntary unemployment for purposes of calculating child support
  • HB 1341: Relative to the liability of grandparents to provide assistance
  • HB 1480: Relative to alternative dispute resolution within individualized education programs
  • HB 1552: Relative to the duties and responsibilities of superintendents of school administrative units
  • HB 1565: Relative to the definition of potentially hazardous food
  • HB 1615: Relative to the autism registry
  • SB 303: Relative to the use of renewable energy funds by the Department of Energy
  • SB 329: Relative to background checks of certain persons associated with solid waste management
  • SB 359: Raising the age of marriage to 18 years of age
  • SB 361: Relative to legal services by paraprofessionals
  • SB 377: Establishing the achieving a better life experience (ABLE) savings account program administrative fund
  • SB 424: Relative to reductions of maximum sentences while on parole
  • SB 430: Relative to establishing a council to study the impacts of electric vehicles, e-mobility devices, and the associated lithium-ion batteries on first responder response, the environment, building and fire codes, life safety, and property protection
  • SB 443: Relative to the definition of school transportation vehicle
  • SB 468: Relative to designating a portion of route 111 in Hudson as the Senator Robert E. Clegg Jr. Memorial Highway
  • SB 498: Relative to the Department of Health and Human Services, Division for Children, Youth and Families
  • SB 546: Removing the requirement that an executory interest be conveyed to the State of New Hampshire in all easements acquired through the use of LCHIP program funds
  • SB 573: Establishing a committee to study consent and confidentiality laws applicable to adolescent and young adult health care in New Hampshire
  • SB 587: Relative to animals brought into this state
  • SB 591: Modifying definitions, claims procedures, and funding relating to the youth development center settlement fund and claims administration
  • SB 597: Relative to lucky 7 ticket dispenser devices
  • SB 599: Relative to the state fire code

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