Whitley Withdraws from Second District Congressional Race

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Twitter photo

Sen. Whitley posted this photo of her and husband Steven with their son on Twitter.

CONCORD – State Sen. Becky Whitley, D-Hopkinton, announced Wednesday on Twitter, now X, that she is withdrawing from the race for U.S. Congress.

In a statement, Whitley said she entered public office to level the playing field so everyone would have the chance to get ahead, not just the privileged few.

“This experience has given me a front row seat to the outsized role of money and insider connections in politics,” Whitley said in a statement on Twitter.

She also posted a photo of her with her husband Steven and their son, saying: “Public service is a family affair and these guys have sacrificed so much. I’m so grateful for their unconditional love and support.”

At this juncture she doesn’t believe remaining in the race is the best use of her time and energy, nor the best way to advance her goals in public service, she said.

“I am exiting the race for Congress. I want to share my unconditional love for my family and deepest gratitude to everyone who believed in me. I will continue to strive toward leading with hope, courage, and kindness. I will never stop fighting for all Granite Staters,” Whitley said.

Whitley previously worked as a staff attorney for the Disability Rights Center, field consultant and organizer for Moms Clean Air Force, Environmental Defense Fund, and policy director, NH Children’s Behavioral Health Collaborative.

 She also issued a news release saying: “I want to encourage the remaining candidates to stay laser-focused on delivering results for everyday Granite Staters. Our young families who are struggling to make ends meet — to find a way to afford housing and childcare — and move beyond living paycheck to paycheck.

“Our communities of color who continue to experience discrimination in their communities. Our immigrant and LGBTQ+ communities who are under siege as the latest targets of divisive and hateful political attacks from Republicans. Our trans youth who just want to live a happy and normal life as their authentic self. Our seniors who are worried that the hard-earned money they invested in Social Security won’t be there for them when they need it. Our moms who are holding the weight of the world on their shoulders as they try to raise a family and build a career in a society not set up to support them. And our women who are enduring relentless attacks on their reproductive freedom and ability to control their own bodies, medical decisions, and futures,” she said.

“The money flowing into this race could fund my bill to feed all New Hampshire children experiencing food insecurity over the summer and provide more free lunches during the upcoming school year. It could fund my bill to support New Hampshire’s childcare workforce. It could fund new homeless shelter beds in our communities and help our community mental health centers keep their doors open,” she said.

The seat will be up for grabs since Congresswoman Annie Kuster, D-NH, decided not to run again. The other three Democrats in the race are Maggie Goodlander, John Neenos and Colin Van Ostern. According to Ballotpedia, there are nine Republicans running in the primary and one Independent.

The Boston Globe reported that Whitley is not going to run again for the state Senate.

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