Eversource Crews Restoring Power to Customers After Significant Icing and Heavy, Wet Snow Pummel New Hampshire

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Eversource crews working to make repairs this morning on Hansonville Rd. in Rochester.

Additional crews arriving in New Hampshire as energy company works to repair the electric system and address downed wires, blocked roads.

MANCHESTER, N.H. (March 24, 2024) – With the support of additional out-of-state crews arriving throughout the day, hundreds of Eversource line, tree and service crews are working to restore power to customers following an early spring ice and snow storm that caused significant tree damage across New Hampshire. As of 1:30 p.m., the energy company has restored power to more than 62,000 customers statewide since yesterday – including more than 33,000 in fewer than five minutes by remote system operators using distribution automation technology like smart switches. Crews also continue working with public safety officials and local communities to address critical priorities like downed wires and blocked roads. Fewer than 48,000 customers remain without power, and Eversource expects to substantially complete restoration by 11:30 p.m. Monday, with most customers restored sooner.
“This early spring ice storm hammered our state with substantial radial icing from our borders with Vermont to Maine accompanied by nearly two feet of heavy, wet snow in northern and western areas, bringing down trees and limbs that blocked numerous roads and caused significant damage to the electric system,” said Eversource New Hampshire President of Electric Operations Doug Foley. “Travel conditions were particularly difficult for our crews yesterday evening dealing with icy, snow-packed roads and limited visibility. The icing was significantly greater than forecasted and was the primary cause of the tree damage that we saw. We have hundreds of crews working with communities across New Hampshire to address public safety priorities and make repairs to the electric system as quickly and safely as possible, and we will continue working around-the-clock until every customer who lost power is restored.”
The icing along with heavy, wet snow and gusty winds caused tree damage in regions statewide, with the communities served by Eversource’s Bedford, Keene, and Rochester area work centers among the hardest hit. The storm caused more than 180 blocked roads across the state and at least 45 broken poles. As Eversource crews continue work to clear damage, make repairs and restore power to customers, outages impacting a larger number of customers is often restored first as damage impacting a single customer is typically further down the line and requires more time-intensive repairs. With a high number of single-customer outages caused by this storm, Eversource crews are concurrently focusing on this work.
Eversource reminds customers to always stay clear of downed wires – including keeping pets away – and report them immediately to 9–1–1. In addition, customers should be cautious when doing their own storm clean up – when moving or cutting tree limbs, look for any wires that may be entangled in debris. Additionally, customers who are without power and using a generator are reminded to be sure the generator is located well away from their home or business and that the transfer switch is working properly.
Additional post-storm safety tips are available on the safety page of Eversource’s website.

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