The Guild of NH Woodworkers Collaborates with Franklin Middle School

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Jon Siegel demonstrating the lathe to 4th grade students.

Passing the torch to the next generation of woodworkers is the impetus behind the latest program of the nonprofit Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers. Recently Guild master craftsmen visited Franklin Middle School in Franklin, NH with a donation of four new scroll saws to the school’s Shop program.  (A scroll saw is a small electric saw used to cut intricate curves in wood, metal, or other materials.) 

Franklin Middle School Tech Ed teacher Kate Evans talked about the importance of the Guild volunteers visit to her Shop program, “This is the beginning of what is becoming an amazing partnership in which students are able to access master craftsmen who have graciously given their time to help restore woodshop equipment, sharpen tools and provide demonstration and education. We are so appreciative!” Evans says that within a week’s time, seventh and eighth grade students in woodshop were able to independently and safely create projects using the new scroll saws, changing blades as needed, and working collaboratively to create cut-outs and puzzles. Says Evans, “We are particularly excited that the Guild will continue to improve the woodworking educational experience for our students with an ongoing partnership.”

According to Jon Siegel, one of the founders of the Guild, this collaboration with Franklin Middle School is the beginning of an exploratory phase for the nonprofit – regarding potential partnerships with schools across the state. “We’re investigating what schools need. We envision several possible components of the program:  Guild members giving demonstrations in school shop classes; providing instruction to teachers; donating equipment and helping with equipment maintenance; and providing grants for new technology. Our hope is that this could be a great way for our members to act locally in spaces where woodworking education is already taking place.”

According to Guild president Elliot Savitzky, “It’s all part of our effort to expand the diversity of the Guild. We are bridging our rich history of furniture and cabinet making since the 1700s by promoting woodworking and passing the torch to our future generations.”

About the Guild 

The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers, founded in 1990, is an association of professional and amateur woodworkers. The mission of the Guild is to educate and support those interested in woodworking. The Guild provides opportunities for sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences. From beginners to expert artisans, the 760+ members assist anyone with an interest in learning the craft. Through regular meetings, lectures, demonstrations, video library, publications and the New England Woodworking Competition, the Guild strives to bring together the diverse interests of both the New Hampshire woodworking community and the public. For more information or to donate visit

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