NH Secrets Podcast: Garry Rayno & Michael Kitch: The Economic Impact of Public Investment Vs. Tax Cuts

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Garry Rayno, Michael Kitch and Wayne King discuss Phil Sletten's economic study.

Garry Rayno and Michael Kitch have been keen observers of public policy in NH for several generations, and especially the impacts of policies on the economy. Garry has been a longtime journalist in New Hampshire and Michael began his NH career as a journalist, specializing in business issues, and served in the early 90s as the State Senate Policy specialist on the budget and economic policy. In this podcast we discuss a recent study from Phil Sletten of the New Hampshire Fiscal Policy Institute on the value and impact of public expenditures and tax reductions highlighted by Garry in an article at InDepthNH.org’s news website (below). The study shows a substantial public benefit and return to the economy from public expenditures like the SNAP program and relatively low value to the economy from tax cuts.

Listen here: https://feeds.podetize.com/UOfqub1CY.mp3

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dGusplGp9uo

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Preview YouTube video Investment Value of Public Spending vs Tax Cuts in New Hampshire’s Economy

Investment Value of Public Spending vs Tax Cuts in New Hampshire’s Economy

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