Beautiful Day in the Life of the State House

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Paula Tracy photo

School children from Keene ready for their tour of the State House Tuesday.


CONCORD – On a picture-perfect day Tuesday, the State House lawn was filled with flowering shrubs, dogs on leashes, and visiting children in groups from schools in Keene, Durham, and Epping.

The lilacs – white, dark purple, and lavender – the state flower which frame the grand steps at this time of year, have now passed.

But blooming now are roses and rhododendrons of various colors set strikingly against the granite of the plaza and the gold dome.

Paul Stauffacher and his dog Rocky. Paula Tracy photo

Paul Stauffacher of Pembroke came with his dog “Rocky” to enjoy the sunshine and thick-cut grass, and admire the statues.

A group of school children, just off the bus after the long ride from Keene gathered near the State House steps before a tour inside.

Upstairs, at the same time, in a chamber empty until Thursday when the Senate returns for a session, state Sen. James P. Gray, R-Rochester, stood before children from schools in Durham and Epping who sat in the senators’ chairs.

Gray was telling them about the historic significance of the four portraits they were looking at on the wall.

Gray was with Virgina Drew, director of the New Hampshire State House Visitor Center, who was leading the tour.

State Sen. James P. Gray, R-Rochester, is pictured with Virginia Drew speaking with school children in the Senate Chambers at the State House. Paula Tracy photo

Drew can often be heard in the echoing halls reminding the children that this is “THEIR” State House.

A few legislators were milling about, attending to committee works which will soon wind down after a budget is finalized, likely in the next two weeks.
And then it is time for summer when the State House is still open but a lot more quiet.

It was hard coming in from the outdoors at lunch for workers who have a front-row seat at one of the nicest parks in the state.

The children seemed content as they learned a bit about the history of the state they call home, New Hampshire.

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