Hooksett Police Officer Removed after Criminal Investigation; No Charges

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Schleiden Meneide from Hooksett Police Department Facebook page

Attorney General John M. Formella announces that an investigation has been completed into former Hooksett Police Officer Schleiden Meneide and an agreement reached that includes his removal as a law enforcement officer. 

On January 5, 2023, the Attorney General’s Office was notified of an allegation involving Mr. Meneide’s misuse of the State Police On-Line Telecommunications System (“SPOTS”). That allegation was investigated and reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office. The investigation obtained evidence that Mr. Meneide unlawfully acquired and used information from SPOTS for an improper purpose.  Based on the facts and circumstances and in the interests of justice, the Attorney General’s Office has reached an agreement with Mr. Medeide in lieu of filing criminal charges against him. 

Pursuant to that agreement, Mr. Meneide has resigned from his position with the Hooksett Police Department, and further agreed to: (1) voluntarily surrender his certification as a law enforcement officer in the State of New Hampshire, resulting in his placement on a national registry of decertified officers; (2) not seek future employment as a law enforcement officer, including, but not limited to, in any federal, state, county, municipal, university, or tribal law enforcement agency; and (3) not contest his placement on the State of New Hampshire’s Exculpatory Evidence Schedule (EES) in the event that the Hooksett Police Department determines that his conduct in this matter qualifies him for placement on the same.

The Attorney General Office’s file in this matter will remain open for a period of two (2) years to monitor Mr. Meneide’s adherence to the terms and conditions of the agreement, at which time the Attorney General’s Office will close the matter with no further action.  In the event Mr. Meneide does not abide by the terms of the agreement, the Attorney General’s Office may bring forward criminal charges against him.

This matter was investigated by members of the New Hampshire Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Unit.  The New Hampshire Department of Justice’s Public Integrity Unit investigates and prosecutes allegations of criminal conduct committed by state officials, judicial officers, and law enforcement officers in the State of New Hampshire.

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