3 New COVID-19 Deaths, Outbreaks By Institution Name: NH DHHS Weekly Report

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NH DHHS Weekly COVID-19 Update – Week of May 11, 2023

Concord, NH – Concord, NH – On Thursday, May 11, 2023, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced 246 new positive COVID-19 test results between Thursday, May 4 and Wednesday, May 10.

For the previous week, DHHS announce 3 additional death(s) related to COVID-19. We offer our sympathies to the family and friends.

There are currently 14 hospitalized patients being treated for COVID-19. In New Hampshire, since the start of the pandemic, there have been a total of 382,242 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed.

Note: After May 11, 2023, DHHS will no longer issue weekly media updates. For information on COVID-19, please visit the DHHS COVID-19 dashboard.

Current Situation in New Hampshire

New Hampshire 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary Report
(updated May 11, 2023, 9:00 AM)

NH Total Case Count382,242
New Cases for Previous Week246
Deaths Attributed to COVID-193,055
Total Current COVID-19 Cases281
Current Hospitalizations Treated for COVID-1914

The COVID-19 dashboards are updated daily at https://www.covid19.nh.gov/dashboard/overview.

For more information, please visit the DHHS COVID-19 webpage at https://www.covid19.nh.gov/.

New Hampshire Institutions Associated with a COVID-19 Outbreak (as of 5/11/2023)

Current COVID-19 OutbreaksResident CasesStaff CasesUnder InvestigationDeaths
Applewood Center22800
Country Village422102
Covenant Living of Keene13900
Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation601203
Ledgewood Bay23802
2023 Closed COVID-19 OutbreaksResident CasesStaff CasesDeaths
All American Assisted Living (4/10/2023)2540
Applewood Rehabilitation Center (1/12/2023)760
Bedford Hills Center (2/7/2023)1060
Bedford Hills Center (3/20/2023)3450
Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center (2/6/2023)1040
Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center (4/17/2023)2460
Belknap County Department of Corrections (4/1/2023)1500
Belknap County Nursing Home (1/25/2023)1571
Belknap County Nursing Home (3/20/2023)851
Benchmark at Rye (4/28/2023)18100
Benchmark Senior Living Nashua Crossings (1/3/2023)19110
The Birches at Concord (1/27/2023)1080
Bowman Place at Olde Bedford (1/27/2023)54110
Carriage Hill Assisted Living (2/21/2023)1990
Carroll County Department of Corrections (1/21/2023)1500
Carroll County Department of Corrections (4/5/2023)1210
Cedar Healthcare Center (2/8/2023)24202
Cedar Healthcare Center (3/17/2023)33262
Colonial Poplin Nursing Home (3/24/2023)33193
Coos County Nursing Hospital (2/2/2023)1780
Courville at Bedford Carlyle Place – Carlyle Place (2/21/2023)560
Courville at Manchester (1/4/2023)2192
Courville at Manchester (3/2/2023)1330
Courville at Nashua (2/8/2023)1340
Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation (1/30/2023)1940
Edgewood Centre (3/2/2023)27131
Edgewood Centre (5/8/2023)23253
Exeter Center (3/6/2023)25131
Fairview Nursing Home (2/22/2023)24111
Grafton County Nursing Home (2/3/2023)25152
Hackett Hill Center (3/21/2023)9190
Harmony Homes by the Bay (3/19/2023)20120
Harris Hill Center (1/29/2023)2782
Harris Hill Center (5/1/2023)13122
Harvest Hill (1/6/2023)1650
Havenwood Heritage Heights (2/16/2023)27194
Hillsborough County Department of Corrections (5/1/2023)1600
Hillsborough County Nursing Home (2/22/2023)112430
Inn at Deerfield (1/3/2023)1020
Jaffrey Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (2/28/2023)17101
Keene Center Genesis (4/4/2023)2880
Lafayette Center (3/9/2023)1930
Langdon Place of Dover (1/12/2023)31170
Langdon Place of Dover (4/7/2023)1330
Langdon Place of Keene (2/28/2023)33190
Langdon Place of Keene (4/19/2023)1240
Lebanon Center Genesis (3/28/2023)34290
Ledgewood Bay Assisted Living (2/27/2023)13100
Maple Leaf Healthcare Center (2/21/2023)16170
Maplewood Nursing Home (3/14/2023)28190
Merrimack County Nursing Home (3/6/2023)1861
Mineral Springs (1/13/2023)28192
Mountain Ridge Center Genesis Healthcare (2/28/2023)62445
Mountain View Community (2/23/2023)16110
Mountain View Community (4/24/2023)12220
New Hampshire Veterans Home (3/23/2023)19630
Oceanside Center (1/30/2023)28130
Pheasant Wood Center (4/11/2023)32120
Pleasant Valley Nursing Center (3/20/2023)26100
Premier Rehab and Healthcare (2/3/2023)58202
Presidential Oaks (2/23/2023)49202
Riverglen House (3/6/2023)1660
Riverside Rest Home (2/19/2023)48390
Riverwoods at Exeter (1/17/2023)1790
Riverwoods at Exeter (3/22/2023)1090
Rochester Manor (1/25/2023)18131
Rochester Manor (4/5/2023)28200
Rockingham County House of Corrections (3/21/2023)2420
Rockingham County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation (1/17/2023)1931
Rose Meadow Acres (3/9/2023)850
Scott-Farrar Home (4/17/2023)890
St. Ann Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (1/20/2023)1261
St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (2/9/2023)38282
St. Teresa Rehab and Nursing Center (1/31/2023)940
Salemhaven Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (1/9/2023)2660
Strafford County Jail (4/18/2023)5970
Summercrest Assisted Living (2/21/2023)1130
The Taylor Home (2/22/2023)510
The Taylor Home – Ledgeview (2/3/2023)540
The Villager Assisted Living (1/16/2023)1200
Villa Crest Nursing & Retirement Center (3/30/2023)23151
Webster at Rye ALF (3/9/2023)1580
Webster at Rye ALF (4/5/2023)20121
Wheelock Terrace (1/26/2023)770

New Hampshire COVID-19 Dashboards will be updated weekly and will continue to provide summaries of COVID-19 trends including information about wastewater. To view the dashboards, please visit the DHHS COVID-19 webpage at https://www.covid19.nh.gov/.

For additional hospitalization data, please visit the New Hampshire Hospital Association’s COVID-19 information page at https://www.nhha.org/healthcare-priorities/covid19/.

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