Sununu Signs 16 Bills Into Law

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Courtesy photo

Gov. Chris Sununu is pictured signing bills into law in this file photo.

Concord, NH  Today, Governor Chris Sununu signed the following 16 bills into law:

  • HB 30: An Act allowing a county to exempt its chief administrative officer from compulsory participation in the retirement system
  • HB 36: An Act relative to fees of sheriffs and deputy sheriffs
  • HB 54: An Act relative to antique car inspections
  • HB 79: An Act establishing a committee to study the New Hampshire law relative to standards for farm products and marketing and grading commodities
  • HB 96: An Act relative to recognizing May 3rd as Old Man of the Mountain Day
  • HB 138: An Act relative to the oversight of the commissioner of the department of agriculture and food
  • HB 151: An Act establishing a committee to study the issue of unmarried cohabitants, domestic partnership, and common law marriage
  • HB 162: An Act relative to supported decision making
  • HB 163: An Act relative to authorized license plate decals
  • HB 170: An Act requiring the teaching of cursive handwriting and multiplication tables
  • HB 189: An Act renaming a portion of Route 140 in Gilmanton in honor of Private First Class Nicholas Cournoyer
  • HB 193: An Act relative to the administration of the New Hampshire retirement system
  • HB 203: An Act relative to the publication of annual county budgets
  • HB 206: An Act including the Space Force in various definitions of the armed forces
  • HB 223: An Act relative to prescription refills
  • HB 240: An Act relative to equal access to marriage

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