NH Sportsdome Deflates During Nor’Easter

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Goffstown Fire Department photo

Deflated SportsDome

NH Sportsdome in Goffstown Website photo

The Goffstown Fire Department responded to the NH Sportsdome Complex on Goffstown Back Road early Wednesday morning for a reported collapse of the structure.

 Upon arrival, crews found the dome which measures 350′ by 230′ and a height of 72 feet had deflated. There was no one inside and no injuries.

 The direct cause is not known and the sports dome deflated rather than a collapse which was initially reported. Security video showed the deflation of the complex.

The owner of the facility is investigating the cause.

The sports dome is used by many types of sports teams to practice and hold games within the facility.

The facility has a 200-person capacity limit which includes players, coaches, officials, trainers, and spectators.

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