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Or by donating here or send check to the nonprofit NH Center for Public Interest Journalism, 38 Edgewater Drive, Barrington, NH 03825.

Please donate here or send check to the nonprofit NH Center for Public Interest Journalism, 38 Edgewater Drive, Barrington, NH 03825. 

By InDepthNH Staff

It takes money to keep independent New Hampshire news flowing. is a nonprofit news website, and to operate without a paywall, which we have done for seven years, we need to raise money to keep the news free for our readers.

 We need to pay for services such as website hosting, insurance, IT support, freelance reporting, columns, and more. Won’t you help?

We are still working on finding a path to sustainable journalism, but need you help to hire the kind of talented people to run a re-invigorated business component.

Nancy West, the founder and executive editor of, said it’s become critical as the economy softens and grants become harder to find that our readers are asked to step up and help us continue to bring you the news you expect from us.

“We have no ready supply of money or a benefactor with deep pockets. It’s our readers who decide if we are providing them with the kind of fearless journalism we bring them each day,” West said. “We live or die by what our readers want, and the way they indicate this to us is by their financial support.” has grown its coverage with State House news brought to you by veteran journalists who have been covering government and politics for many years. We are not afraid to tackle issues that speak truth to power. Our recent coverage has addressed the state education commissioner seeking subpoena power to investigate educator misconduct, a Free State Project proponent running for Amherst Planning Board, hate groups that are taking root in our state, a Dalton citizen’s effort to abolish both the town’s planning board and conservation commission, and on and on.

Without our journalists bringing you these stories, who will?

We also bring you columns such as Don Kreis’ “Power to the People,” our very popular Notable N.H. Deaths column each week, Susan Dromey Heeter’s “Joyful Musings,” Beverly Stoddart’s “A N.H. Writer’s Life” and “The First Line” columns, Michael Davidow’s Radio Free New Hampshire and much, much more.

We need you, our readers, to continue doing so. 

Every dollar helps. Now through the remainder of spring, we will be asking for your help as we run our spring fundraiser.

To donate, please click on the link provided in the ad running with this story. is brought to you by the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, a 501C3 nonprofit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. We thank you for helping us keep New Hampshire news alive.

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