Hurry, Free Prom Gowns in Newmarket Today, Tomorrow

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Susan Dromey photo

Katelyn Rice of Stratham finds the perfect gown.

By Susan Dromey Heeter, Joyful Musings

Every year, Kat Murphy organizes the Prominence Boutique in Newmarket, New Hampshire’s Community Church.

 This year she has collected over 400 gowns, all sizes, colors and styles.  Prominence Boutique is open today, Saturday, March 4 from 10 – 6 and will be open again tomorrow from 10 – 3.

 All dresses are free and in addition to gowns, Kat provides free jewelry, shoes, even undergarments. 

I muse joyfully on the dresses, I muse joyfully especially on Katelyn Rice of Stratham who scored a fabulous gown she will wear to St. Thomas Aquinas’ prom.  It fit her like a glove, she twirled and giggled with her friend, Faith Barrett, and a snowy Saturday transformed into a magical moment. 

Faith, too, tried on gown after gown and delighted in a dress that sported pockets.  There were no high pressure sales people, only joy in the hunt for that one dress, that one perfect fit.

Prominence Boutique has been a staple for prom goers for twelve years.  Do you need a dress? Know someone who does? Head down to Newmarket.  And if you can’t make it in the snow?  Kat Murphy can be reached at 603-534-0606. She’s available if you need a dress, you know someone that does, you simply need some bling.  

I muse joyfully you’ll brave the elements and make it to the Prominence Boutique. 

Susan Dromey Heeter is a writer from Dover who recently let her hair go au natural white. Writing has been her passion since her English majoring days at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.  Dromey Heeter has lived in The Netherlands, Alaska and currently basks in all things New England, including the frigid winters. An avid swimmer, Dromey Heeter’s great passion is to bring back body surfing as most children have no idea how to ride waves without ridiculous boogie boards.

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