House Democratic Leader Announces Full Team for 2023-2024 Session

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House Democratic Leader Rep. Matt Wilhelm of Manchester.

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE – Today, in addition to his core leadership team announced earlier in December, House Democratic Leader Rep. Matt Wilhelm (D-Manchester) announced the full House Democratic leadership for the 2023-2024 legislative session. Today’s announcement includes a slate of Assistant House Democratic Leaders, Assistant House Democratic Floor Leaders, and Committee Leadership positions as follows:

Senior Assistant Democratic Leaders

Rep. Patty Cornell (D-Manchester),  Rep. Jaci Grote (D-Rye), and Rep. Linda Tanner (D-Georges Mills)

Assistant Democratic Leaders

Rep. Art Ellison (D-Concord), Rep. Muriel Hall (D-Bow), Rep. David Huot (D-Laconia),  

Rep. Cam Kenney (D-Durham), Rep. Mark MacKenzie (D-Manchester),

Rep. Fran Nutter-Upham (D-Nashua), Rep. Mark Paige (D-Exeter),

Rep. Catherine Rombeau (D-Bedford), Rep. Joe Shapiro (D-Keene), and Rep. Steve Woodcock (D-Conway)

Assistant Democratic Floor Leaders

Rep. Amanda Bouldin (D-Manchester), Rep. Tony Caplan (D-Henniker), Rep. Jackie Chretien (D-Manchester),

Rep. Fred Davis (D-Nashua), Rep. Gaby Grossman (D-Exeter),  Rep. Mary Hakken-Phillips (D-Hanover),

Rep. Dennis Malloy (D-Greenland),  Rep. Latha Mangipudi (D-Nashua),

Rep. Rebecca McWilliams (D-Concord), Rep. Chris Muns (D- Hampton),

Rep. Allison Nutting-Wong (D- Nashua), Rep. Lucius Parshall (D- Marlborough),

Rep. Peter Petrigno (D-Milford), and Rep. Rosemarie Rung (D- Merrimack)

Democratic Committee Leadership

Children and Family Law

Ranking Member, Rep. Pat Long (D-Manchester) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Gaby Grossman (D-Exeter)

Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Ranking Member, Rep. Anita Burroughs (D-Glen)and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Jane Beaulieu (D-Manchester)

Criminal Justice and Public Safety

Ranking Member, Rep. Linda Harriot-Gathright (D-Nashua) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. David Meuse (D-Portsmouth)


Ranking Member, Rep. Mel Myler (D-Contoocook) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. David Luneau (D- Hopkinton)

Election Law

Ranking Member, Rep. Connie Lane (D-Concord) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Russell Muirhead (D- Hanover)

Environment and Agriculture

Ranking Member, Rep. Peter Bixby (D-Dover) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Megan Murray (D- Amherst)

Executive Departments and Administration

Ranking Member, Rep. Jaci Grote (D-Rye) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Dianne Schuett (D-Pembroke)


Ranking Member, Rep. Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Mary Heath (D-Manchester)

Fish and Game and Marine Resources

Ranking Member, Rep. Jeff Goley (D-Manchester) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Cathryn Harvey (D-Spofford)

Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs

Ranking Member, Rep. Lucy Weber (D-Walpole) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Gerri Cannon (D- Somersworth)


Ranking Member, Rep. Marjorie Smith (D-Durham) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Charlotte DiLorenzo (D- Newmarket)

Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services

Ranking Member, Rep. Brian Sullivan (D-Grantham) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Tim Soucy (D-Concord)

Legislative Administration

Ranking Member, Rep. Janet Wall (D-Madbury) and Deputy Ranking Member, Allison Nutting-Wong (D-Nashua)

Municipal and County Government

Ranking Member, Rep. Laurel Stavis (D-Lebanon) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Jim Maggiore (D-North Hampton)

Public Works and Highways

Ranking Member, Rep. John Cloutier (D-Claremont) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Mike Edgar (D-Hampton)

Resources, Recreation and Development

Ranking Member, Rep. Suzanne Vail (D-Nashua) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Rosemarie Rung (D- Merrimack)

Science, Technology and Energy

Ranking Member, Rep. Kat McGhee (D-Hollis) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Rebecca McWilliams (D- Concord)

State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs

Ranking Member, Rep. Steve Shurtleff (D-Penacook) and Deputy Ranking Member, Linda Massimilla (D-Littleton)


Ranking Member, Rep. George Sykes (D-Lebanon) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Daniel Veilleux (D-Amherst)

Ways and Means

Ranking Member, Rep. Susan Almy (D-Lebanon) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Dick Ames (D-Jaffrey)

Special Committee on Childcare

Ranking Member, Rep. Mary Jane Wallner (D-Concord) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Jackie Chretien (D- Manchester)

Special Committee on Commissions

RankingMember, Rep. Karen Ebel (D-New London) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Alexis Simpson (D- Exeter)

Special Committee on Housing

Ranking Member, Rep. Benjamin Baroody (D-Manchester) and Deputy Ranking Member, Rep. Charlotte DiLorenzo (D-Newmarket)

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