Patricia Dunfey-Hoyt – Journey from Teacher to Children’s Literature Author PD Hoyt 

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PD Hoyt is the pen name of New Hampshire children's author Patricia Dunfey-Hoyt

By WAYNE D. KING, NH Secrets, Legends and Lore

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PD Hoyt is the pen name of New Hampshire children’s author Patricia Dunfey-Hoyt, adopted as she navigated the complicated process of moving from classroom teacher to writer of children’s literature. We take a broad look at her life and the process by which she has brought her ideas to life since retiring from teaching. PD Hoyt is readying her third book, “The Alphabet Comes Marching In” for release on the heels of her books “The Bakery Shop” and “The Mother’s Day Gift.”

PD Hoyt spoke earlier this month at New Berrys on the Common a new artists consignment shop (and soon to be restaurant) in Plymouth. 

Once again Alex Ray and the Common Man family has captured the magic of our past in a great new establishment, you are invited to “Get in here!” and browse work by some of the region’s most talented artists and crafters.

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