Wayne King Releases a New Book of Images: “New Hampshire – A Love Story”

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The back cover of Wayne D. King’s “New Hampshire – A Love Story.”

Former state Senator and 1994 Gubernatorial nominee Wayne King – now an author, writer, and artist, has released a new book of New Hampshire images titled “New Hampshire – A Love Story.” 

The cover, a winter image of a quaint Groton, New Hampshire, stone cottage in the moonlight invites the reader into the book and then proceeds to lead them through a journey, part memoir, part imagination and all love story tied to the land he and his ancestors have called home for ten thousand years.

Organized by season, and punctuated by narrative, poetry and rare glimpses into the private world of a public person who has traversed life in a winding path: from mountain guide and teacher, to political leader, to citizen, artist, writer, author, columnist and social entrepreneur in a lifetime of adventure and passion.

The fourth photography book from King, this one, by far, is the most personal, reflecting on the places in New Hampshire that hold the most meaning to him personally but also a rousing celebration of place and landscape to which any diehard lover of the Granite State will relate. 

King has also published a novel “Sacred Trust” a rolicking fictional account of 7 unlikely heroes who band together to stop a powerline, written in the midst of the 10 year struggle to stop Northern Pass and peppered with some true New Hampshire tales that will tickle your fancy and curl your hair. 

King’s unique photographic style often employs painting and digital manipulation to create images that blend the real and the surreal to achieve a sense of place or time that reaches beyond the moment to what he describes as a “dreamlike quintessentialism” designed to spark an emotional response. Using digital enhancement, handcrafting, painting, and sometimes even straight photography, King seeks to take the viewer to a place that is beyond simple truth to where truth meets passion, hope, and dreams.

A columnist and podcaster for the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism (InDepthNH.org) King has also created an online gallery of images from the book, as well as other related images. The images are available as signed originals or open edition prints. The proceeds will be shared with InDepthNH.org to support its important work to reimagine the future of news in a challenging environment. 

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/New-Hampshire-Wayne-D-King/dp/1034801015/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=Wayne+D+King&qid=1632162668&s=books&sr=1-13

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