14 Senate Republicans Tell NH’s DC Delegation: Stand Up To Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

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Senate President Chuck Morse prepares to preside over the first in-person Senate session of 2021, held in Representatives Hall in May.

CONCORD, NH – All 14 Republican senators today signed a letter encouraging the members of New Hampshire’s Washington delegation to stand up to the Biden Administration’s recent federal mandates, calling them draconian, restrictive, and harmful to the state. Excerpts include:

   “The latest executive overreach is to use the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to force anyone working for a business with more than 100 workers to take the vaccine against COVID-19. Vaccine mandates are ineffective, and possibly counterproductive.” 

   “New Hampshire has a high vaccination rate due to Governor Sununu’s leadership. The vaccines developed through Operation Warp Speed are a medical miracle. They greatly reduce both the chance of infection and the severity of illness in patients who develop breakthrough infections. But this is a decision that must be left to individuals, not at the command of a bureaucracy in Washington D.C..”

   “In an attempt to change the subject from the crisis on our southern border and the tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Biden reversed his position and rushed to announce this sweeping mandate before working out the details. We don’t know even how this mandate would work. Who would be subject to the mandate, and who would be exempt? How is OSHA going to enforce the rule, which it was never designed to do? Are we passing the costs of enforcing these mandates and testing on to our small businesses, which are struggling to overcome the economic stress of an 18-month pandemic?”

   “President Biden’s vaccine mandate also does not take into account that health care workers already in extremely short supply may resign rather than submit to a vaccine mandate. Will New Hampshire hospitals stop maternity coverage as recently happened in New York because of staff shortages caused by vaccine mandates?”

   “As New Hampshire’s representatives in Washington, we urge you to stand up for the Granite State and oppose this massive mandate on businesses and employees across New Hampshire. Use the authority of Congress to demand oversight and accountability from an administration that is out of control and abusing its power.”

See letr here: https://indepthnh.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/Oppose-DC-Mandates-2-1-1.pdf

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