Dear Santa, Bring Susan a Ukulele and Tickets To ‘Hamilton’

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Susan Dromey Heeter and her dog Sir Luc, who has since passed, in this file photo


Dear Santa,

Welcome to Joyful Musings, Santa!  Make yourself at home. This week, I write with requests, observations, gratitude.  You are welcomed to take a seat, to enjoy your customary perch on cushions, to relax.  Sit back, Santa, welcome to Joyful Musings.

This time of year, I understand, it is your job to listen to requests, to fulfill wishes, to make things happen. I get that, Santa, I really do. It’s one of the reasons I do not respond to texts from my soon to be 17-year-old daughter.  Chances are, her texts are only requests for “can you get me a latte on your way home” or “I need twenty dollars for a field trip.”

Celebrate your limited time for requests, Santa. While I’m sure December is busy, do realize most parents do this 24/7. 

And my requests? I want a ukulele and I want to learn how to play Feliz Navidad by next December.  I want tickets to Hamilton for February when my colleague and I return to New York for a conference. 

I want my car cleaned out as those candy corns from October are imbedded in the floor mats. I want my 13 year-old-dog, Luc, to last comfortably through 2020.  

And Santa, I want to finish She Said by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey before its due at the Dover Public Library.  What a read. Whew, Santa, that Harvey Weinstein is a vile human being. 

I celebrate and revere the reporters from The New York Times who spent years pursuing this story, uncovering facts, meeting with women who will be forever scarred by this man.  

And shout out to Jodi Kantor for doing all this work while having an infant at home. Wow. 

And Santa, I notice you are around a lot of children but you do seem to hand them back relatively quickly.  That’s got to be a huge perk of your job in addition to your cushy chair, elves at your command, really one day of true work all year.

Wow, you’ve got it made – how can I get your job?

But, in truth, I would not want your job. I work hard as an educator, as a journalist, as a mother.  I lay my head down at my pillow at night knowing I work honestly, with dedication and perseverance.

That, dear Santa, is glorious. Thank you to my own dear parents, the true Santas, who worked hard, valued education, faith and family and listened to requests and honored those that counted most.  I continue this legacy of love.

And I wish that for all: hard work, dedication, honesty, literacy, dedication to truth.  A lot can be accomplished in one day, Santa.

I muse joyfully you will honor my requests, perhaps gather some insight from She Said, and Hamilton? I’d like front row. 

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