The Locket: Story of Life and Love and Loss and Gain

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THE LOCKET By Richard Paul Evans

Monica Reads, a Review by Monica West

I received a gift yesterday at my Wednesday art gathering.  We get together and paint whatever we want with whatever medium we enjoy painting with.  A friend who sits across from me who is 94 years young asked if I had read The Locket

 No, but I would be delighted to give it a read, I said.  She handed it to me and said I would love it as had many others who had been passing it around to different friends for years.  Their names appear on the fly leaf with recommendations!

Monica West

I started my read and could not put it down.  I finished it within three or four hours.  It is a tale of love and loss and gain.  The author Richard Paul Evans throws together elderly men and women and young boys and girls. 

Who learns more, the young ones or the old ones?  Who are the teachers?  What is there to learn from elderly people with lifetimes of experiences, both good or bad?  What guidance is accepted and how to deal with personal angst and fear is the question.  Are young members of the world just learners or do they also teach?

 The author offers every reader a stable and singular belief in self.

Believe in your destiny and the star from which it shines. 
Believe you have been sent from God as an arrow pulled from his own bow. 
It is the single universal trait which the great of this earth have all shared, while the shadows are fraught with ghosts who roam the winds with mournful wails of regret on their lips. 
Believe as if your life depended upon it, for indeed it does.”

Go the library and pick this one up.  Whatever your age, whatever you do in this life, you will find it an extraordinary read.

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