‘That Churchill Woman’ is Masterfully Written

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MONICA READS, a review by Monica West

That Churchill Woman By Stephanie Barron

Think of what you know about Winston Churchill.  Okay.  You are in the right frame of mind and you may be asking what I know about him that you don’t.

Monica Drahonovsky

I have just finished reading a fictional novel that Stephanie Barron wrote by reading letters to and from Jennie Jerome, Randolph Churchill, Jennie’s father and Dr. Robson, Randolph’s physician as well as other letters in the Churchill archives.

Jennie and Randolph (a second son) were officially engaged in 1873.  The trip to the altar for these two people was a roundabout walk through monetary wealth and titled aristocrats in England.   When you read this book, you will find out how the titled individuals in the late Queen Victoria era handled money, personal achievements, politics and each other.  The Prince of Wales, Bertie, oldest son of the Queen is a pivotal person in the lives of Jennie and Randolph. 

Jennie has two children, Winston and Jack, who adore her and admire their father.  Jennie is absorbed in the day-to-day life of the privileged upper-class and is successful in helping her husband gain respect and altitude in the political games of Westminster.   As an American, Jennie uses her brash understanding of the times to seduce many a man.  Yes, Randolph is aware and you will be made aware of his tastes in people.  You will also learn that they both play a game with each other.  Respect for the individual is paramount in this captivating tale.

Winston Churchill is the pawn who becomes the king and keeps his mother’s secrets.  Please do read this book.  It is a jaunt into the times when England was a powerful force in the British Empire and the world.  If you believe Queen Victoria was charged with the moral compass of her kingdom, you will be completely taken aback as you read this story.

The author writes masterfully about all.

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