Monica Reads Loves ‘The Concord Theatre’ And You Will, Too

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The Concord Theatre By Paul E. Brogan

MONICA READS, a review by Monica West

I love to read and review books.  I am always amazed at what people get hooked on.

Monica Drahonovsky

I have just finished the book The Concord Theatre by Paul Brogan and it was a very good read.  If you are from New Hampshire you will be amazed at the depth of thought and coverage of the history of the movies, theaters, and individuals who brought entertainment to Concord, New Hampshire, starting in 1897.  Brogan’s review of the movie business is in-depth and mind-boggling.

Brogan recently drew an overflow crowd to Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord.

Author Paul Brogan

“As someone who has lived in Concord for over 60 years and experienced so much history here, to see Gibson’s packed and people standing, only reinforces why I love this community,” Brogan said.

A group came from the Capitol Center which is redoing the theater into the Bank of NH Stage. The question he gets asked most is, what would Theresa Cantin think about this?

“She’d be thrilled that her building was going to continue to be a place to bring people together for entertainment,” Brogan said.

Brogan’s detail is crazy good.  His intimate elements enrich a whole lot of factual events.  He names movies and actors and dates as if he had been present for every one of their feature presentations.

The most cherished person in this book is Theresa Cantin.  She is brought to life as the main character.  Her interactions with movie greats like Doris Day and others are fascinating and ground her personality and wit.  She develops her role of being in a so called “man’s line of work” back in the day by running a movie theater.

Her interactions with other theater owners and salesmen is mesmerizing. The reader will learn about a business that was risky.  Theresa was fearless.  She was chastised by Joe Kennedy in the early days.  She survived and lived a wonderfully interesting life.

The author is detailed in what movie played in each decade and how the people of Concord reacted to each movie.  Mr. Brogan, thank you for bringing Theresa to meet us all.

Concord Theatre marquee in 1993

People, you will be delighted to read this book.  Go to your library and request this read or go to Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord. They sold out once, but have received another batch. 

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