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Seven Men of Gascony By R. E. Delderfield

Napoleon Bonaparte’s execution of war in France up to and including his failure at Waterloo is worth your time to read Seven Men of Gascony.  Seven men, strangers all, become the protagonists and you will experience their kindness, loyalty, anger, love and friendship.

You will be amazed at how the members of this small group, under the command of Jean the NCO, survived and cared for each other.  You will experience being part of the Grand Army and meet all of the people during the battles.

The seven men from Gascony travel all over the European world.  The feelings they experience show how people in different countries experienced battles and war in a very personal way.  How would we have handled it?   How did the French feel during Bonaparte’s last attempts at battle after he had abdicated? How did the French feel with the Bourbons’ return to power?

Monica West

It is a story of the last six years of Bonaparte’s life.  The world was at war.  The military units were full of old soldiers and new conscripts.  Life in the military in France is detailed as incredibly interesting.   The seven strangers from Gascony come to life on the pages and you will become attached to each one.

It is well-written and the author’s ability to detail each scene helps glue your mind to the past. If you have any interest in history, you will find this an interesting and gripping read.

Go to your library, now. I have read, more than once, that soldiers fight and risk their lives for each other.  This is confirmation of that fact.

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