Fly Fishing With Family in NH, What a Wonderful Year

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George Liset and his son, Reed, fishing in Pittsburg

Editor’s note: What a wonderful year for having George Liset of Dover share the joy of fly fishing with our readers. Thanks George, Nancy

By George Liset

As the year comes to an end and I reflect upon this last year on the water, a number of thoughts come to mind. My goal every year is to spend more time fly fishing. I can say that I was able to do this last year. If you are a regular Joe or Jill that has a full-time job, a home and family and other obligations, you know how hard it is to find time.

Time is valuable and something that you can never get back. Time with family is even more valuable. Juggling family and fly fishing is not easy, especially when life happens. Births, deaths, weddings and birthdays happen. Then there is the weather.

George Liset photo

All in the family. Bacall Liset is Writing on the Fly’s George Liset’s daughter.

You plan a day trip and then a monsoon comes in and blows out the river. I had two days in a row with no obligations and was ready to explore some new spots up north when a big storm came in and blew out the rivers and streams. I do not mind a little rain, and almost enjoy it. I am not a fan of being washed down a river.

I was told of a gentleman who was a real hardcore flyfisher and was fishing the Androscoggin river above Berlin. The river was running high and fast and knocked him over and water got into his waders. Before anyone could help him he was washed downstream. Lesson learned. As much as I love fishing, it is not that important.

Gunnery Sargent George A. Liset, USMC Retired, enjoying retirement. He’s George Liset’s dad

I started the year by fishing the Merrymeeting with my son. We had both received new rods for Christmas and were excited to break them in. We met in Alton on a day that was supposed to be above freezing and sunny. Not! It was about zero with the wind chill and mostly cloudy. We tried casting for awhile with no luck. We would get two short casts in and the line became like an icicle. We would have to rush to the car and un-thaw our lines and try again. Then we tried nymphing but with the same result. We had a lot of giggles that day, primarily at our own expense. The day was saved by the fact that we even attempted to fish as well as by the trip to McDonalds.

Fishing with family is a great way to combine two things I enjoy. I get to fish with my son a lot. Our trip to Pittsburg, NH was a success this summer. The weather and fish cooperated and we made some great friends. My youngest daughter is excited to do more fishing this coming year, which I am excited about.

Daughter-in-law Kate Liset enjoys fly fishing as well.

When I am not fishing, I enjoy going antiquing with my wife and looking for fly fishing books, rods, reels and other fly fishing paraphernalia. Sylvia has a good eye for spotting items and has found me a number of great deals over the years.

I am also looking forward to teaching my grandson the finer art of fly fishing this summer. All in all, it was a good year. Here is to next year!

A writer from Dover, George Liset writes about all things Fly Fishing. George has worked as a lobsterman, lifeguard, wrangler, boat captain, fishing instructor, and has traveled in most of the lower 48 states. Upon graduation from Wheaton College, Illinois, George began his teaching career and currently teaches in Dover and has coached Track and Field most recently at UNH. Liset has been published nationally and internationally in the area of track and field and coaching.


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