Rep. Mindi Messmer Raises New Concerns About Coakley Contamination

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Mindi Messmer

She’s an environmental scientist specializing in remediation of contaminated sites.  And the Coakley Landfill superfund site isn’t too far from Mindi Messmer’s home in Rye.  While setting her sites on a Congressional run, the

Roger Wood

Democratic State Representative is involved in the adverse affects the former dump site has had on people.  She is one of eight Democrats running for the Congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Carol Shea-Porter.

Roger Wood spoke to her in an exclusive InDepthNH interview.

The capped Coakley landfill in North Hampton continues to confound environmentalists and worry local residents.  The latest is contamination of groundwater by PCF’s.  I’ll let my guest, Mindi Messmer pronounce that compound.

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