Old people. So this is what it’s come to.

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Scene from the movie 'Raising Arizona.'

By Jen Hollidge
Not for Nothing NH

Old people.  So this is what it’s come to.

It’s the nickname my partner in crime and I have given to all of our stuff to keep the kids away, make it less enticing. My Netflix account has an ornery mustache face and offers a “Top Picks for Old People” section. We had to do this when animes and kid’s shows started taking over our account and ruined the algorithms for any grown up shows.

Jen Hollidge

Those tiny children we catered our days to for so long have become big people who take over our house and use our stuff. And nothing is sacred.

My hairbrush is never in the spot where I left it. My earrings have been snatched and dismantled for anime convention purposes. Lotions and expensive “good” shampoo and conditioner disappear bit by bit. Nail clippers and tweezers are as rare a find as a magical unicorn.

We had to get our own computer and password protect it because our family computer is bogged down with the computer game of the moment and viruses, because they feel compelled to click “yes” on the pop-up box.

And while it may sound it, none of this is a complaint or whining. Just a new reality on this parenting adventure. In the past, there were babies and feedings and a disconcerting interest in another human being’s bodily fluids. There were long days of cranky toddlers, excessive in their use of the word no and impetuous in their wants and needs. There were first best friends and hurt feelings from first fights. And In the future awaits high school friends, dating and arguments over who gets the car.

In this in-between, my partner in crime and I band together as I hope we always will. Not an “us against them,” but a partnership built to hopefully face the inevitable growing up of our daughters into women.

We may spend an extra 20 minutes tonight searching the house for a pair of nail clippers before we can relax, but when we sit down on the couch and snuggle up for a show, the ornery mustached “old people” face will come up on our Netflix.

We will count it as a win and take pride in having met another challenge.

For now.

I’m Jen Hollidge, a full-time program coordinator, full-time mother of two amazing daughters and full-time wife to my partner in crime for 18 years. We live in Concord, N.H. I have an English degree from the University of New Hampshire and I love to write. 

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