NewsMatch Is a Smashing Success for, Thank You

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Bob Lapree photo

The people who help make happen. From left Paula Tracy, Nancy West, Garry Rayno, Susan Dromey Heeter, Wayne King and Montana West. Not pictured is Bob LaPree because he took the photo. They are pictured at the New Hampshire Press Association awards dinner last year. Because of COVID-19, we couldn't get together this year.


NewsMatch 2020 was a resounding success for the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism because of you, our readers and our donors. You donated $31,332 from Nov. 1 to Dec. 31. And possibly more as there are probably still checks in the mail that will be counted if dated no later than Dec. 31. NH Center For Public Interest Journalism, 38 Edgewater Drive, Barrington, N.H.

In March, the generous philanthropists at NewsMatch will match at least $12,500 of that, add another $2,500 if we met our goal, which we did, and possibly more depending on how their fundraising went. And we have our own special angel donor committed to a $5,000 match. Then there will be NewsMatch bonuses that we haven’t heard yet, but I will tell you when we know, but all in all I think it will be at least a total of $51,332 for from this year’s NewsMatch which will really help us grow.

First the Miami Foundation will audit our reporting and make sure all donations will be accepted (which I think will) and they will announce the totals near the end of March and send us their matches.

Thank you so much. We are not resting on our laurels. We are launching two major ventures to raise revenues beyond the tin cup in January and are going to hold a summit in March to ask for your help in figuring out a sustainable future for news in New Hampshire. Email me if you or your business wants an inivitation. We need bankers, businesspeople, homeless people, kids, economics experts, engineers, homemakers, tinkers and tailors and bakers and prisoners to help sort out this problem which is shared nationwide.

After witnessing first-hand your generosity during NewsMatch, I know you care about ethical, unbiased news and want to help buoy all news outlets in New Hampshire. We can do it together. Happy New Year. Did I say thank you ten thousand times? I am sending them now. Nancy

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