We Are NewsforGood in NH and Proud Part of #GivingTuesdayNow

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The people who help make InDepthNH.org happen. From left Paula Tracy, Nancy West, Garry Rayno, Susan Dromey Heeter, Wayne King and Montana West. Not pictured is Bob LaPree because he took the photo. They are pictured at the New Hampshire Press Association awards dinner.

So what is NewsforGood? It is a rapid-response effort to support journalism that will run May 5-7 in conjunction with #GivingTuesdayNow — a global day of unity – in recognition of the essential role of nonprofit news organizations in covering the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 200 nonprofit newsrooms have been invited (and we’re the only one in New Hampshire) to create giving pages on NewsforGood.org, a new website created by the Institute for Nonprofit News to help donors find trusted local and investigative newsrooms to support. News Revenue Hub, the American Journalism Project, and NewsMatch are also supporting the campaign.

Or go straight to our NewsforGood page here. Or here https://www.newsforgood.org/organizations/new-hampshire-center-for-public-interest-journalism-5b4f87c8-52f7-4922-84e8-664eeda39d44

We are proud of how InDepthNH.org, which is published by the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, has stepped up to the plate to report the news you need in New Hampshire to get through these challenging times. Garry Rayno, Paula Tracy, and myself are reporting news that you need to protect yourself and your family, along with how your government officials are responding to your needs and doing their jobs during this crisis.

That includes how your government is spending $1.25 billion in federal aid through the CARES Act and no one covers state government better than Garry Rayno, whose column Distant Dome is well-respected and well-read across the state. Garry has been reporting on the fight between Republican Gov. Chris Sununu and Democratic lawmakers over who has final say on spending the emergency funds.

In a state of emergency as New Hampshire is in right now, you need the best, most experienced and trusted journalists to tell the many stories. With more than 35 years of reporting under his belt, Garry knows where the bodies are buried in state government and he likes sharing his institutional knowledge that includes exactly where they are buried.  His kind of historical perspective is rare in the news business today where many of the experienced reporters have been laid off, furloughed or forced to retire.

No one covers news like Paula Tracy with more than 25 years of general reporting and special expertise in government, legislation, and business with a focus on tourism-related businesses. A writer who seeks out the people angle of every story, Paula also shares her love for the outdoors in her ski column A Winter Run and her latest column Out and About that brings us along on her adventures where fun can be had while observing social distancing.

Paula covers Gov. Sununu’s press conferences, always asking just the right question when it comes her turn as your representative in the press. And she reports on the work of a number of advisory committees and the Executive Council, that is also at odds with the governor over spending that big pile of federal money. Paula includes in her work what is missing from the public’s right to know and she isn’t afraid to challenge the powers that be.

Paula works for you. Garry works for you. I work for you. I do what I can in reporting, editing and holding together this band of passionate veterans. We won’t stop until we are New Hampshire’s go-to news site. Why? Because we have the experience and the ethical mindset to keep money and funders a firewall away from the reporting.

The future of news is going to be difficult to navigate and our five years in the nonprofit news business has shown us how this must be done if we are to retain our credibility, and even more important, your trust and respect. We will not violate your trust.

Our columnists are some of the finest writers in New Hampshire. Susan Dromey Heeter of Dover showed us the behind the political scenes in her Decoding the Vibe during the presidential primary campaign. Now she makes us laugh and cry in Joyful Musings. Wayne D. King keeps us honest letting us know what’s happening in his View from Rattlesnake Ridge column and two podcasts, NH Secrets, Legends and Lore and the Radical Centrist. George Liset of Dover helps us relax with his Writing on the Fly column about fly fishing in New Hampshire. We have our own fabulous book reviewer, Monica West, who writes Monica Reads, always about a book you can find in your local library.

If you are looking for a sophisticated political column that has been known to take an unexpected sharp turn into the land of farce, then author/lawyer Michael Davidow’s Radio Free New Hampshire is for you. Another fine writer who sometimes graces our space is John Harrigan of Colebrook who writes about life above the notches. And I even heard a rumor Roger Wood is bringing his golden-voiced podcasts back to InDepthNH.org.

 If you want editorial cartoons by the best in New Hampshire, we are proud to be home to Mike Marland’s work. He is at the top of his game after many decades keeping a watchdog eye on politicians in Concord and Washington. If you are wondering why our website looks so great it is the work of our IT guru Montana West.

Bob Charest keeps us on our toes about the intersection of the internet and personal privacy (a passion of his) in his column Why Your Should Care NH. Bob likes to stay behind the scenes, but he also serves on our board of directors and has been in collusion with Nancy West since the beginning five years ago. Our other board members, too, are why we are moving forward: Attorney Rick Gagliuso, Author Gloria Norris, Editor Rose Ford, Laurie Storey Manseau, owner of Storey  Manseau LLC, Gina Gilmore, CFO of Globafone, and Steve Taylor, an independent scholar, farmer, journalist, and longtime public official.

Nonprofit news is about far more than a tax-deductible donation. It’s about passion for the truth and real news and having a mission that matters to people. Our mission is to hold the powerful accountable and give voice to marginalized people, places and ideas. And to serve you, our readers.

We actually screwed up at InDepthNH.org. We forgot to put our oxygen mask on before assisting others. Now we’re facing this wonderful national news campaign without having diverted energy from our reporting to prepare a fancy fundraising ‘ask.’ So we’re coming to you to ask you to help us, without a lot of glossy and attractive materials, although I think I just found some.

Appreciate our vital reporting? Then we’re guessing that you don’t even want us spending energy right now on slick-looking fundraising letters or a lot of jargon that is intended to impress without the know-how to back it up. Please, just click the button to send us oxygen. THANK YOU! Your support means the world to us right now.

We love working for you, New Hampshire. Please help us continue. Thanks Nancy West 
You can give early if you choose. Click here. 

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