Opinion: Lincoln Soldati Backs Mayor Pete for President

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Pete Buttigieg

Lincoln Soldati is a former Strafford County Attorney and former Mayor of Somersworth who also ran for Congress.

By Lincoln Soldati

Pete Buttigieg brings many admirable qualities and experiences to his run for the presidency.  This is especially true when contrasted with the current White House occupant. 

His experiences as an intelligence officer with the U.S. Navy in Afghanistan, his service as mayor of South Bend Indiana, his thoughtful and intelligent policy proposals on everything from climate change, to economic policy, immigration reform, poverty elimination, infrastructure investment, etc., etc., all demonstrate a background well founded to lead this nation forward. See https://peteforamerica.com/issues/ for details.

But for me what really made Mayor Pete stand out in the Democratic field and even more so against our current president is his use of language and intelligence. 

I have been following politics for more than fifty years, and I have never heard a politician with a command of the English language like Mayor Pete. He doesn’t talk like a politician; his language underscores his thoughtfulness and commitment to public service. 

I of course will enthusiastically support any of the democrats running in the Democratic primary, and I admire many of those running in this election cycle. 

I suppose some may think my emphasis on language is trivial, but when you consider the vulgarian we have in the White House, I would argue that language is among the most important indicators of competence and decency. 

In addition, Mayor Pete speaks with common sense, a practicality that infuses every policy he discusses and underpins his approach to complex and intransigent problems facing our country and the world.  I recently had an opportunity to return to South Bend where I spent many years as a student at the University of Notre Dame; the transformation of that city is extraordinary.

My discussions with people of the city made clear that most credit Mayor Pete with much of the transformation and more importantly a change in attitude about their city.  A change from futility, despair, and hopelessness to civic pride and hope. It was inspiring to see these changes.  It’s important to note that these changes were not merely economic (though certainly that was important), but a change in the way people viewed their community.

For the past three years we have been subjected to vulgar, demeaning, childish, shameful, deceitful and ignorant conduct from the White House.  We are now a laughingstock on the world stage. 

Since the end of WWII, the United States has been the leader of the free world; not only as powerful military force but as the world’s leader of ideas and ideals. Now we are a joke on the international scene.  We need to restore our place in the world as a nation that leads by example, not bluster and buffoonery.  We need to restore the respect we once held in world opinion.  We need to restore our reputation as a reliable ally and friend.  That we have fallen so far is a tragedy.

If you want change, I suggest Mayor Pete will bring that change, will restore our pride in the values for which this country stands.  It is time for a new generation of leadership, Mayor Pete seems to be the only one who can guarantee such a change. 

I used to think the worst thing about the administration were the endless lies, then I thought it was the abject incompetence and ignorance, but now I believe the worst thing about this administration is its cruelty.  These attributes are as un-American as anything I can imagine.  Help restore decency to America, join me in supporting Pete Buttigieg for president.  Thank you.

Lincoln Soldati, Portsmouth, NH

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