My Greatest Hope for Our Country

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Matthew Oppenheimer is asking family, friends and strangers to share a video selfie or a few paragraphs on: What is your greatest hope for the United States on the run-up to Nov. 8 and after? A number have already done so. Please keep them coming to Here’s my nephew Matthew Oppenheimer’s greatest hopes for the country. Thanks Matt — Nancy West, founder

My name is Matt, I’m an assistant in the film industry and I live in Los Angeles. My greatest hope for the United States is that it continues to actively strive towards the high ideals that have always pushed the nation forward.

It is difficult to always stand by our lofty national goals and we often fail. That being the case, I would like us to try ceaselessly and get it right as often as we can. I also hope we manage to do more for people who are suffering at home and abroad. I’m a huge fan of and the stories they report. News outlets like InDepthNH are essential in holding individuals and all sorts of entities accountable.

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