UNH’s Andy Smith on WBUR Poll Showing Clinton Ahead by 15 Points

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UNH Pollster Andy Smith

     A new political poll just released shows Hillary Clinton pulling away from Donald Trump for the presidency.

     The latest from WBUR shows the former First Lady with a 15-point lead over the Republican Donald Trump. That contrasts with one taken three months ago showing them tied.

      Polls in Pennsylvania and Michigan also show the former Secretary of State with double-digit leads.

Roger Wood spoke with Andy Smith, head of the University of New Hampshire survey center about the poll changes. He was recently an observer at the GOP convention in Cleveland. He is gearing up for the New Hampshire state primaries next month.

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For InDepthNH.org, I’m Roger Wood

      WBUR website: According to a new WBUR poll of New Hampshire voters, Hillary Clinton is enjoying a dramatic post-convention bump and now leads Donald Trump by 15 points.

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