Welcome Sarah Freeman-Woolpert and Dean LeMire to InDepthNH.org

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Dean LeMire

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

InDepthNH.org announces two new columns to start the New Year. Sarah Freeman-Woolpert and Dean LeMire will each write biweekly columns as part of our mission to focus on issues and people who are often overlooked in the media.

As a nonprofit online news outlet, we will also work hard in 2016 to fulfill our mission to hold government accountable and increase statehouse reporting. We look forward to growing our reporting staff with your support to become YOUR news outlet.

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert is originally from Pembroke, a graduate of The George Washington University and is currently spending 10 months in Bosnia and Herzegovina researching youth activism and civic engagement. We are thrilled to showcase her column Sarah’s View from the Borderlands.

Dean LeMire will edit Breaking the Chains, InDepthNH.org’s column documenting recovery from addiction across New Hampshire while giving voice to people in and near recovery you haven’t yet met … or didn’t realize you already knew. The Dover resident and University of New Hampshire alum works as a public health coordinator advancing community-based solutions to substance misuse issues. He believes in the power of storytelling to change the way we respond to people who suffer from addictive disorders.

We have more interesting columns and investigative news projects scheduled for 2016 that we will be announcing soon. And of course, InDepthNH.org will be posting our popular podcasts by Roger Wood, our veteran radio and print journalist, who captures the spirit of New Hampshire in features and hard news stories.

Mike Marland will continue to delight and dismay with his hard-hitting and hilarious editorial cartoons. Veteran reporter and InDepthNH.org founder Nancy West is working on a couple of investigations to report in the new year. We hope you will send tips and suggestions to nancywestnews@gmail.com.

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