Brother of Dead Neo-Nazi Seeking Millions From Catholic Medical Center

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Photos of Leo Anthony Cullinan


Even though he died from a drug overdose last year, the federal malpractice lawsuit brought by NSC-131’s Leo Cullinan against Catholic Medical Center is still going. His brother, Jonathan Cullinan, took over the claims in November and is seeking millions of dollars from the Manchester hospital.

Jonathan Cullinan filed notice he was taking over his brother’s legal claims from a jail cell. Jonathan Cullinan was being held at the Essex County House of Corrections in Massachusetts as of November. could not confirm why Jonathan Cullinan was incarcerated, or if he’s still in custody.

NSC-131 is the violent white supremacist gang currently subject to numerous civil rights lawsuits in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Leo Cullinan, whose criminal history includes drug dealing convictions, rose to become the gang’s New Hampshire chief before his death in June of last year.

Leo Cullinan filed the lawsuit in December 2022 in the United States District Court in Concord alleging he was denied treatment for serious injuries while in CMC’s emergency room, and that the hospital later filed complaints against him that resulted in legal consequences.

CMC’s media representative did not respond to a request for comment. The hospital denies all of Cullinan’s claims in court.

Cullinan was involved in an assault outside a Manchester bar Sept. 3, 2022, resulting in injuries that sent him to the ER at CMC, according to his lawsuit. Cullinan claims he was disoriented and vomiting when he was accosted by a nurse, and then thrown out by security. 

In the following days, Leo Cullinan claims he was charged with stalking for simply trying to get information about hospital staff involved in his removal. 

Manchester police records indicate, however, Leo Cullinan was in fact stalking and harassing CMC staff, calling them and making threats, following security staff who were in their work vehicle and trying to pull them over. Some told police they started calling out sick out of fear over Leo Cullinan. One staffer even told police he saw a truck matching Cullinan’s parked outside his home one night with three people inside, police records state.

Hospital security threw Leo Cullinan out of the hospital on Sept. 3, 2022 for reportedly belligerent behavior, the reports state. 

Leo Cullinan was arrested on Sept. 29, 2022, on charges of stalking. When asked by a Manchester officer if he wanted to make a statement with his version of events, Leo Cullinan declined. 

“Do I look like someone who talks to cops?” Leo Cullinan reportedly said. 

Leo Cullinan’s lawsuit further claims he lost custody of his son as a result of the arrest. His lawsuit is seeking between $3.8 million and $11 million in damages.

Leo Cullinan died last year from a lethal combination of fentanyl and methamphetamine, according to his official death certificate. The overdose happened on the day after NSC-131 gang members tried to intimidate people at a drag queen event at the Teatotaller Café in Concord. It’s not clear whether Leo Cullinan was at that rally where members gave the Nazi salute outside the café as they were all wearing face masks.

The Teatotaller incident is the basis for a new civil rights action against NSC-131 and founder Christopher Hood brought by New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella. Hood is currently appealing a ruling that he’s in default since he failed to respond in court within the time allowed by law.

NSC-131 is also known as the Nationalist Social Club. The gang is active throughout New England targeting minorities and LGBTQ+ gatherings with violence. Antifascist researcher Kris Goldsmith, head of Task Force Butler, told last year that NSC-131 got its start because of drugs. 

Hood had been a member of the Neo-Nazi group, Patriot Front, when he was kicked out in 2019. The reason, according to Goldsmith, is Hood stole money from Patriot Front and used the cash to buy drugs.

Hood had been a member of the Neo-Nazi group, Patriot Front, when he was kicked out in 2019. The reason, according to Goldsmith, is Hood stole money from Patriot Front and used the cash to buy drugs.

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