NBC News: Sununu Forms Organization To Test Waters for Presidential Run

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Paula Tracy photo

Gov. Chris Sununu is pictured at a September 2022 Governor and Executive Council meeting atop Mount Washington.

NBC News is reporting that Gov. Chris Sununu launched a 501c4 organization to test the waters for a presidential run in which he can raise unlimited funds and donors don’t have to be disclosed.

NBC said Sununu confirmed that he formed “Live Free or Die” Committee.

“I’m excited to talk about the successes that we’ve had in New Hampshire: lowering taxes, creating educational choices for parents and kids, and building opportunities for businesses to grow and thrive,” Sununu said in a statement to NBC News. “What we’ve done in New Hampshire is a great model for the federal government — specifically promoting the conservative tenets of limited government, local control, and individual responsibility.” 

Sununu’s spokesman Ben Vihstadt didn’t respond to InDepthNH.org seeking confirmation Wednesday afternoon.

At 2:38 p.m. Wednesday, Sununu sent a news release saying he will attend the 2023 National Governors Association Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. with a bipartisan group of America’s Governors.
“Tomorrow, Governor Sununu will participate in a discussion with POLITICO at 9:35 AM for The Fifty: America’s Governors. Those interested in watching can register here.
“On Friday, the Governor will attend a Governors meeting at the White House. On Saturday morning, the Governor will convene a meeting of New England Governors to discuss regional energy issues. On Saturday evening, the Governor will join his colleagues in having dinner with President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden,” the release said.
At no point during this trip will Gov. Sununu be unavailable to act in his official capacity as governor, the release said.

The governor departs this evening and will return to New Hampshire on Sunday, according to the release.

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