Take a Bow: 119 of You Raised $17,715 for InDepthNH.org in One NHGives Day

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Some of the folks who bring you InDepthNH.org - Paula Tracy, Nancy West, Garry Rayno, Susan Dromey Heeter, Wayne King, and Montana West

By NANCY WEST, InDepthNH.org

We are so grateful for your donations to the future of unbiased, ethical nonprofit news on June 7,8 via NHGives.

InDepthNH.org is a grassroots online news outlet that has the best reporters and writers in the state and have been publishing now for seven years. Thank you for recognizing the hard work we do for you and all of us. Democracy can’t thrive without watchdog news. Thanks to all of you for donating. We need each of you. Thanks too to the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. InDepthNH.org is also proud to be a sponsor of NHGives.

So tada! Here you are our generous donors and some of you left kind words for us as well. Thanks again, Nancy West. If I somehow miss your name call me at 603-738-5635.

Adolphe Bernotas said: “This virtual newsroom of prize-winning veteran journalists deserves the support of all who cherish truth in reporting about our unique home, New Hampshire.”

Pellettieri Associates, Inc. said: “We are proud to give to the New Hampshire Center for Public Interest Journalism, because a free and independent Press is critical to maintaining our Democracy!

Paul E. Brogan said: “To help continue your fine work.”

Our wonderful donors and matchers:

Robert McConaghy    Jill Shaffer Hammond    Karen Ebel

Sara Young-Knox    MJ Loughlin    Rosemarie Rung

Roxanne Marsh    Anonymous    Chris Muns

Sallie Fellows    John Tuthill   

Anonymous    Martha Rich   

Julia Griffin    Anonymous    Donna Loranger    Harry Judd

Sandra B Allen    Anonymous    Sally Embley    Gloria Norris

James Moir    Matthew Mowry    Anthony Schinella

Joyce Johnson    Anonymous    Lucy Wyman

Daniel Wolf    Kent Hackmann    Ruth Larson

Richard Hesse    Lucy Weber    Scott Metzger

Steve and Barbara Pugh   

Anonymous    Anonymous    TERESA PICARD

Roger F. and Elaine M. Wood

Claudia Damon    Ed Butler    Meade Cadot

David Gintz    Stephanie Payeur    Schuyler D. Scribner

Pat Meyers    Phil Sletten    Cheryl Kahn    Gerard Gold

Michael Lawler    Nancy Bishop   Valerie Scarborough

Roderic Hutton    Lori Langlois    William Thomas

Andru Volinsky    Anonymous    Ted Leach    Michael Cahill

Jane Westlake    Mary Davies    Robert Charest    Brian Graf

David Gibson    Roz Lowen    Peggy Gilmour    Anonymous

George Bald    C Cleveland & J Garvey    Lisa DiMartino

Sharon Racusin    Janice A. Beal    Anonymous    Nancy West

Honey Hastings    Rebecca & Timothy More    Kristina Pastoriza

Anonymous    Merrill Friedman    Burt Cohen    Terry Farish

Claira Monier    Evan A Oxenham    Anonymous   

Margaret Gale    Bob Lapree

Leslie Casey     Lynn Goodnough    Patricia Garvey

Debora and Mike Pignatelli    William Radzelorage

Marie Nardino    Kenneth Kimball    Susan Almy

Amanda Merrill    Betsy Snider    Ann Garland

Fred Kocher    Steve Rand    Tom Panacoast

Sylvia Larsen    Paula Falkowski    Patricia Bass

Suzanne Dalbec    Helen Galloway    Robert Souza

Douglas Grant    Ruth Ward    Mary Wilke

 Mary Jane Wallner    George Reed    Nancy and Wayne Morrissette 

Alice Passer George Reed

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