Weekly COVID-19 Report: 9 New Deaths, 3,889 New Cases, Outbreaks By Facility

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Data from New Hampshire Hospital Association website.

The Department of Health and Human Services reports COVID-19 hospitalizations differently than the New Hampshire Hospital Association website and has recently moved to sending out weekly news reports.

On Thursday, DHHS reported 36 COVID-19 hospitalizations. The NHHA website reported 117 total confirmed cases in the state’s 30 hospitals.

NHHA also reported 16 suspected cases, 49 patients recovering from COVID-19, which includes hospitalized patients no longer included in confirmed COVID-19 statistics, and 36 treated specifically with medicine for COVID-19.

DHHS recently switched to counting just those hospitalized patients who are actively being treated for COVID-19 with medications. You can still get daily updates at the DHHS website here: https://www.covid19.nh.gov/dashboard/case-summary.

NH DHHS Weekly COVID-19 Update – Week of May 19, 2022

Concord, NH – On Thursday, May 19, 2022, the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced 3,889 new positive COVID-19 test results between Friday, May 13 and Wednesday, May 18. 

Last Thursday’s data was included in the last daily report on Friday, May 13. Moving forward, all weekly updates will cover Thursday of the previous week through Wednesday of the current week.

For the previous week, DHHS announce 9 additional deaths related to COVID-19. Last Thursday’s data was included in the last daily report on Friday, May 13. We offer our sympathies to the family and friends.

There are currently 36 hospitalized patients being treated for COVID-19. In New Hampshire, since the start of the pandemic, there have been a total of 320,445 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed.

Current Situation in New Hampshire

New Hampshire 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Summary Report
(updated May 19, 2022, 9:00 AM)

NH Persons with COVID-19320,445
Deaths Attributed to COVID-192,515 (1%)
Total Current COVID-19 Cases5,309
Current Hospitalizations Treated for COVID-1936

New Hampshire Institutions Associated with a COVID-19 Outbreak (as of 5/19/2022)

Current COVID-19 OutbreaksResident CasesStaff CasesUnder InvestigationDeaths
Bedford Hills Center281000
Belknap County Department of Corrections7000
Birches at Concord9800
Colonial Poplin Nursing Home15600
Coos County Nursing Hospital 10900
Country Village Center9200
The Elms Center9500
Forestview Manor24300
Golden View Health Care Center14601
Hackett Hill Center9600
Hanover Hill23500
Havenwood Heritage Heights121500
Hillsborough County Nursing Home121200
Langdon Place of Exeter22100
Langdon Place of Keene26700
Lebanon Center Genesis16900
Maplewood Cheshire County Nursing Home16600
Mount Carmel Rehab and Nursing Center6700
Nashua Crossings Benchmark Senior Living301700
Peaceful Harvest Homes9300
Pines of Newmarket21600
Pleasant Valley Nursing Center9600
Riverwoods At Durham6900
RiverWoods at Exeter101400
Rockingham County Nursing Home and Rehabilitation182200
St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center3300
Scott-Farrar at Peterborough9300
Windham Terrace6100
Wolfeboro Bay Genesis Healthcare51000
Closed COVID-19 Outbreaks in 2022Resident CasesStaff CasesDeaths
All American Assisted Living (3/2/2022)1180
Applewood Rehabilitation Center (4/11/2022)57383
Arbor View Inn (4/11/2022)410
Arbors at Bedford (3/7/2022)2670
Bedford Hills Center (2/14/2022)19310
Bedford Nursing and Rehab Center (3/11/2022)21303
Belknap County Nursing Home (1/25/2022)140
Belknap County Nursing Home (3/3/2022)16110
Bellamy and Watson Fields Assisted Living Facilities (2/23/2022)1200
Bentley Commons at Bedford (2/22/2022)2130
Carroll County Department of Corrections (2/15/2022)2360
Cedar Healthcare Center (2/14/2022)45444
Colonial Poplin Nursing & Rehabilitation (3/8/2022)26403
Coos County Department of Corrections (2/18/2022)1340
Coos County Nursing Home (4/1/2022)23372
Cornerstone at Hampton (2/15/2022)42110
Country Village (2/11/2022)8160
Courville at Manchester 3/2/2022)35396
Courville at Nashua (2/14/2022)891
Crestwood Center (2/2/2022)3140
Derry Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare (3/8/2022)23110
Dover Center for Health and Rehabilitation (3/14/2022)27341
Edgewood Center Portsmouth (5/13/2022)350
Elm Wood Center 3/3/2022)34210
Epsom Health Center (3/17/2022)25391
Exeter Center Rehabilitation and Nursing Home (2/17/2022)353
Fairview Senior Living Facility (3/9/2022)33322
Federal Correctional Institution – Berlin (3/7/2022)326500
Golden View Health Care Center (2/2/2022)22220
Grace House of Windham (5/10/2022)730
Grafton County Nursing Home (2/18/2022)3180
Grafton County Nursing Home (3/11/2022)18270
Granite Ledges of Concord (2/10/2022)340
Greystone Farm at Salem (2/8/2022)1171
Hackett Hill Center (3/31/2022)32360
Hanover Hill Healthcare Center (3/2/2022)19120
Harris Hill Center (2/22/2022)13232
Havenwood Heritage Heights (2/15/2022)9420
Hillsborough County Department of Corrections (2/22/2022)246180
Hillsborough County Nursing Home (2/11/2022)38311
Inn At Fairview (2/22/2022)8161
Jaffrey Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (1/3/2022)33111
Jaffrey Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (4/22/2022)2350
Keene Center (3/9/2022)9320
Laconia Rehabilitation Center (2/16/2022)50440
Lafayette Center (3/17/2022)43340
Langdon Place of Dover (4/1/2022)2330
Langdon Place of Dover (5/11/2022)1971
Langdon Place of Nashua (1/28/2022)640
Lebanon Center Genesis (3/28/22)4571
Ledgewood Bay Assisted Living (2/7/2022)380
Ledgewood Bay Assisted Living (5/11/2022)25110
Lilac View Assisted Care Facility (1/25/2022)2011
Maple Leaf Healthcare Center (3/8/2022)31341
Maple Wood Cheshire County Nursing Home (2/4/2022)19281
Merrimack County Department of Corrections (2/22/2022)2410
Merrimack County Nursing Home (3/4/2022)12170
Mineral Springs Genesis (1/24/22)26183
Mineral Springs Genesis (3/22/2022)39240
Mt. Carmel Rehabilitation and Nursing (2/25/2022)22400
NH State Prison – Men’s (2/22/2022)47690
NH State Prison – Women’s (2/16/2022)2160
NH Veterans Home (3/3/2022)22121
Oceanside Center (3/15/2022)31371
Partridge House Genesis (2/24/2022)870
Pheasantwood Center (4/26/2022)42132
Pine Rock Manor Senior Living (2/17/2022)1420
Pleasant Valley Nursing Home (1/28/2022)38170
Premier Rehab and Healthcare (2/10/2022)48150
Premier Rehab and Healthcare (3/28/2022)3151
Ridgewood Center (3/7/2022)42470
Riverglen House (2/18/2022)270
Riverside Rest Home (2/23/2022)8190
Riverwoods At Exeter (2/11/2022)6490
Rochester Manor (1/12/2022)870
Rochester Manor (3/16/2022)39313
Rochester Manor (4/25/2022)21120
Rockingham County House of Corrections (2/15/2022)95380
Rosewood Manor Assisted Living (1/13/2022)710
Salem Haven (2/16/2022)32336
Sartwell Place Assisted Living (2/11/2022)600
Spring Village Assisted Living (3/2/2022)27150
St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center (1/12/2022)320
St. Vincent de Paul Rehab and Nursing (3/2/2022)22193
St. Vincent de Paul Rehab and Nursing (4/26/2022)1110
Strafford County Jail (3/15/2022)91330
Sullivan County Health Care (2/22/2022)16202
Sullivan County Health Care (5/17/2022)540
Taylor Sugar Hill (3/23/2022)230
The Morrison Skilled Nursing Facility (3/18/2022)36103
The Residence at Salem Woods (3/10/2022)11170
Wolfeboro Bay Center Genesis Healthcare (2/28/2022)28282
Woodlawn Care Center Newport (1/3/2022)7170

The most up-to-date laboratory testing data, positivity rates and vaccination data are available on the COVID-19 dashboards at https://www.covid19.nh.gov/dashboard/overview. For additional hospitalization data, please visit the New Hampshire Hospital Association’s COVID-19 information page at https://nhha.org/index.php/whats-new/1545-coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-outbreak.

For more information, please visit the DHHS COVID-19 webpage at https://www.covid19.nh.gov/.

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