Ten Towns: Rethinking Plastic in New Hampshire

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With more than 380 million tons of plastic waste annually choking the planet, it can feel like everyday folks are powerless to stop pollution threats. Citizens can join others in ten NH towns, who are already taking action to address this crisis. On Monday, February 7, NH Network will host a panel discussion, “Unwrap the Future: Practical Advice to Reduce Plastic Pollution in our Communities – Rethinking Plastics” to celebrate the launch of its Ten Towns Ten Actions Toolkit, created by citizen leaders in these ten towns.

For over 15 years, several New Hampshire legislators have worked on bills to tackle plastic pollution and costs, with limited success. The Ten Towns • Ten Actions Toolkit will help communities reduce their plastic waste and health risks, and build support for future legislation related to plastic waste reduction.

WHO:                                                                                                                                                                            – Members of the NH Network Plastics Group will share their Toolkit, a menu of actions to reduce plastic waste.                                                                                                                                                       

Panel discussion, featuring

  • Susanne Moser, Ph.D., a leading US expert in collaborative climate change work,
  • Portsmouth High School Environmental Change Organization,
  • Christina Dubin, Surfrider NH Rise Above Plastics,
  • Dr. Bob McLellan, NH Healthcare Workers for Climate Action, Moderator                                        

Event sponsored by NH Network, with assistance from League of Conservation Voters and Community Action Works.

WHAT:  Launch of the Ten Towns ? Ten Actions Toolkit, panel discussion, and time for questions.  

WHEN:  Monday, February 7, 2022, 6:30-8:00 pm EST 

WHERE:  Pre-register for the webinar HERE. 

WHY:   The Toolkit serves as a step-by-step guide to help communities reduce plastic waste and their disposal costs.  Volunteers drew from actions taken in Bristol, Cornish, Dalton, Dover, Durham, Harrisville, Hopkinton, Pittsfield, Portsmouth, and Somersworth. Ordinary citizens can demonstrate to legislators that Granite Staters care about reducing plastic waste. To learn more about the Ten Towns ? Ten Actions Toolkit, visit www.10towns.org.

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NH Network~environment~energy~climate links citizens statewide, to share information and implement actions for a sustainable New Hampshire.  Learn more at www.newhampshirenetwork.org.  

Community Action Works works side by side with everyday people to confront those who are polluting and harming the health of our communities.  We partner with the people who are most impacted by environmental problems, training them with the know-how anyone would need to make change in their own backyard.  Learn more at communityactionworks.org.

PS This Program includes:

Why We Need the Ten Towns, Ten Actions Toolkit – One Person’s Story

•Bonnie Christie – “How the Ten Towns, Ten Actions Toolkit Came to Be”

What Communities in NH are Doing Now to Address Plastic Pollution

•Kristine Baber – “Rethinking Plastics & Taking Action in Dover”

•Christina Dubin – “Policies & Actions to Rethink Plastics”

•PHS Students – “Harnessing the Power of Youth Influence for Environmental Change”

Who is Behind the Ten Towns, Ten Actions Toolkit

•Patsy Beffa-Negrini – “How to Use the Ten Towns, Ten Actions Toolkit”

Call to Action

•Susi Moser – “A Practical Guide to Effecting Change While Maintaining Hope”•Mary Armstrong – “Plastic Pollution Song & Join Us!”

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