House Dems: Rep. Weyler’s Disinformation Is ‘Danger To Public Health in NH’

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Rep. Ken Weyler, R-Kingston


CONCORD – Rep. Ken Weyler, R-Kingston, was accused Monday by House Democrats of spreading “pages of disinformation” about COVID-19 vaccinations to members of the Joint Fiscal Committee that he chairs, this time for sharing a video and documents that included one called “The Vaccine Death Report.”

The death report says there “is evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events” resulting from the COVID-19 injections, and “The data suggests that we may currently be witnessing the greatest organized mass murder in the history of our world.” It was written by David John Sorensen and Dr. Valdimir Zelenko.

House Democrats said in a news release: “The continued dissemination of disinformation on COVID from Rep. Weyler is a danger to public health in New Hampshire and to the credibility of the legislature as a whole.”

Last week, they asked House Speaker Sherman Packard, R-Londonderry, to remove Weyler from the Finance and Joint Fiscal Committee he chairs, but he refused. Packard on Monday, again backed Weyler.

“It is not uncommon, whether one agrees or disagrees with the content, for a committee chair to share constituent information with committee members. The Fiscal committee is still interested in learning what additional information the state agencies can provide on future obligations that could be tied into acceptance of the federal money,” Packard said.

Gov. Chris Sununu, who closed down Wednesday’s Executive Council meeting when demonstrators opposed to vaccine mandates became so unruly police had to escort state employees to their cars for safety concerns, wasn’t buying it. He has taken heat for not speaking more forcefully about the demonstrators and because no arrests were made. Democrats have also accused Sununu of coddling people opposed to vaccine and mask mandates.

“I have repeatedly expressed directly to Speaker Packard about the need to remove Representative Weyler from this position of leadership, and these latest absurd emails have accelerated the urgency that the Speaker needs to take action. Disseminating this misinformation clearly shows a detachment from reality and lack of judgment,” Sununu said.

On Monday, Rep. Mary Jane Wallner, D-Concord, Ranking Democrat on the House Finance Committee, said in the release that Weyler had previously denounced state and federal agencies, telling a reporter “there is nobody in government you can trust.”

Wallner said Weyler’s emails to the entire Joint Fiscal Committee contained a 52-page “report” compiling lengthy disinformation on COVID, “including claims that live creatures with tentacles are entering people’s bodies through the COVID vaccine, that 5G technology was placed in the vaccine to control people’s thoughts, calling the Pope and the Catholic Church satanists and luciferians for supporting public health measures, and claiming that the babies of vaccinated parents are born with pitch black eyes and can stand and even walk at only three months old.”

Weyler, who on Sept. 17 got into a verbal dispute with Health and Human Services Commissioner Lori Shibinette during a meeting over hospitalization and vaccination rates, said he thinks part of the information in the death report may be exaggerated, but he wanted to show committee members the other side of the story than what the “official liar Dr. Fauci” and the CDC are saying.

“There’s exaggerations on both sides,” said Weyler, an airplane pilot who has served in the House for 31 years.

At that meeting, Weyler said he had heard from hospital workers that 90 percent of people admitted with COVID-19 had been vaccinated and Shibinette shot back saying that’s “incorrect, and that’s misinformation.”

At issue is the $27 million in two contracts to accept federal funds to bolster the state’s immunization efforts that have been tabled by the Executive Council and the Joint Fiscal Committee. Weyler said that comes up again Oct. 22. The protest Wednesday was against the contracts the council had previously tabled.

In a phone interview, Weyler said if someone dies or has an adverse reaction within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, it wouldn’t be counted in official statistics.

“That’s an example of what makes me distrustful,” said Weyler. “To my mind that’s very dishonest. We’re not getting honest reports. I’m looking at sources other than the CDC. There’s a lot of doubt in society because so many of us know someone who had adverse effects.” He gave an example of a woman he knows who thought she had a heart attack after getting vaccinated, someone else who coughed for two months after and another person who had diarrhea as a result.

 “I’m speaking my mind as a state rep. and skeptical person,” Weyler said, adding that he won’t step aside. He accused Democrats of launching a vicious smear campaign against him.

He wouldn’t say if he has been vaccinated against COVID-19, but did say most people don’t wear a mask at the Joint Fiscal Committee meetings at the Legislative Office Building.

“We used to. We don’t anymore,” he said, adding he has support from other Republicans.

“If I’m a nut, why do I have others helping me. These are smear tactics liberals use. They viciously attack you,” Weyler said. “I just want to show my committee members there are other reports out there and they can judge the material for themselves.”

 Wallner said in the release: “As we prepare to meet again on October 22 to take up the $27 million in federal aid, weeks behind where we could’ve been in pandemic response, we are left wondering what information we are waiting on as it certainly can’t be this.”

Rep. Marjorie Porter, D-Hillsborough, said, “It is glaringly obvious now that it is time for Rep. Weyler to step aside. The citizens of New Hampshire deserve leaders who respect science and our public health authorities and will do everything in their power to help bring this pandemic to an end. I am sure this will be getting national attention, and not in a good way. It’s getting really tiring being the brunt of late-night jokes.”

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