Monica Reads: You’ll Love ‘The Masterpiece’

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THE MASTERPIECE by Fiona Davis, a Review


I have just finished reading “The Masterpiece” by Fiona Davis.  It has everything I love to read about.

It starts with the protagonist Virginia Clay getting her new independent life together and moves forward to a new job in a new place with new people while she learns to be a new kind of parent for her older child as well as how divorce works on you.

Monica West

  Art is also involved as well as the history of Grand Central Station that was the hub of life and trains and travel.  It’s a “whodunnit” worthy of your time.

Clay is a mover and a shaker, but at what?  That is the question.  Divorce with an adult child in the background is tough.  She was an art major before being a wife and mom and so we examine that side of her life.

How to trust is the question she searches for in herself and others.  You will be surprised at how this book ends and you will be surprised to learn so much about big buildings in our major cities.

Truly a great book and one that will bring back memories of how you and I navigate the world of people around us.

 Do you believe in yourself?  Do you believe in happy endings?  Do you strive for new beginnings?  What do you know about the world of art, artists and their paintings?

This book is a very good read.  You will love it. It will lead you on an interesting journey about your own life from beginning to right this minute.

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