White Mountain National Forest Fire Restrictions Remain in Place

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CAMPTON – White Mountain National Forest officials are reminding visitors there are fire restrictions in place due to high fire risk.

This Columbus Day weekend, the National Forest will be bustling with leaf peepers, hikers, campers and others who want to enjoy being outside during the fall season. Officials want people to know that even with recent rains, the potential for increased wildfire activity remains high, and all visitors should be mindful of the risk. 

In the current drought conditions on the Forest, one inch of rain is effective for only three days.  It will take a substantial amount of rainfall to abate the wildfire risk.  

The use of campfires is limited to the metal rings that are provided at the campsites, and charcoal grill use in these areas will be limited to the grills provided on site. All other fire usage throughout the forest is prohibited.  For a list of developed/hosted campgrounds where campfires are allowed in metal rings: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/whitemountain/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD816561

The number of visitors to the National Forest has dramatically increased over the past few month from the numbers typically seen during this period.   When you combine the increased number of visitors, with current drought conditions, wildfire risk potential is on the rise. Unattended or abandoned campfires can quickly escalate into wildfires. 

It is important to have a shovel and bucket of water on hand to keep your fire under control and to make sure your campfire is dead out before you leave, even if it just rained. Be sure to pour water on your campfire and stir it up with a shovel or stick to mix the water well into the ashes and put out every hot coal. If an abandoned or un-attended campfire escape’s and creates a fire, the person who lit the fire is responsible for suppression costs and civilly liable for any property damage.

Carelessness with fire is a major concern for fire officials in the State of NH and the White Mountain NF. If you’re planning to enjoy that final camping trip, or a fall hike, be sure to recreate responsibly. Check the weather forecast before visiting. At any time of the year you should be prepared with warm clothing and good rain gear. For help planning a hike go to https://hikesafe.com/  Be safe and enjoy your National Forest! 

For more information visit the White Mountain National Forest Website at https://www.fs.usda.gov/whitemountain

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