Volinsky Endorsed by Rights and Democracy, NH Youth Movement Action

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Megan Arsenault photo

Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, D-Concord.

 Groups Cite Volinsky’s Superior Record on Climate and Education as Reason for Endorsement

CONCORD — On Tuesday, progressive grassroots advocacy organizations Rights and Democracy and New Hampshire Youth Movement Action announced their endorsement of Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky, D-Conord, for governor.

Rights and Democracy and New Hampshire Youth Movement Action were instrumental in securing a victory for Bernie Sanders in the February First-in-The-Nation Primary through extensive voter outreach programs. Both Rights and Democracy and New Hampshire Youth Movement Action were especially motivated to take action in this gubernatorial race after witnessing nearly all progress toward environmental and societal justice washed away in a slurry of vetoes from Sununu. Members throughout both organizations were particularly alarmed by the widening of the public education funding gap, racial injustice, and the disjointed, delayed response to the coronavirus pandemic under Sununu’s leadership.

“From the beginning, our campaign has been about building a people powered movement,” said Volinsky. “With the support of Rights and Democracy, New Hampshire Youth Movement Action, and the more than 8,300 individual contributors to our campaign, I feel more confident every day that we’ll have the people power to win the September 8th Democratic Primary and defeat Sununu and his corporate insiders in November.”

“Rights and Democracy is proud to endorse Volinsky for Governor.” said James Haslam, Executive Director of Rights and Democracy. “We need bold courageous leaders who pose the clearest contrast to Governor Sununu, which is why we chose Andru in this primary. From day one, he said his campaign would not be funded with corporate PAC and LLC loophole money and he’s stuck by it. If you care about stopping the climate crisis, creating a fairer taxation and education system and creating the new clean energy jobs of the future that will allow us to come out of this pandemic stronger than ever, join us in electing Andru Volinsky.”

“The youth vote has been the margin of victory in every major presidential election here in New Hampshire and now we look forward to helping provide Andru Volinsky with that margin,” said Josie Pinto, Political Director of New Hampshire Youth Movement Action. “We have the highest tuition and college debt in the country. Sununu has made it harder for students to vote in New Hampshire while vetoing numerous clean energy bills as a climate denier. We need leaders who will fight for our youth and anyone running for governor who is serious about climate change cannot endorse dirty fracked gas pipelines like Granite Bridge and take money from Liberty Utilities. We’re looking forward to electing a governor who has the courage to lead New Hampshire forward.”

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