State Courts Stay Open With Restrictions

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Nancy West photo

New Hampshire Supreme Court in Concord.

CONCORD – While all State Courts in New Hampshire remain open during normal business hours, pursuant to the Amended Emergency Orders issued by Senior Associate Justice Hicks and the Justices of the Supreme Court, access to Judicial Branch buildings will be limited as follows through May 4, 2020:

No person will be permitted to enter a courthouse except:

Individuals seeking to file documents with the court in person may file the documents in receptacles provided at the entryway to each courthouse.

Individuals seeking emergency relief may enter the courthouse and proceed to the clerk’s office window.

Individuals participating in a scheduled hearing will be permitted to enter. This admission is limited to parties, witnesses, lawyers and legal staff, guardians ad litem, CASA’s, interpreters, domestic violence advocates and qualified mental-health professionals.

Members of the media covering a hearing are permitted to enter in accordance with the Judicial Branch Media Policy in effect during this pandemic.

All individuals who may be permitted to enter a courthouse according to the policies above must still be screened by Court Security for potential exposure to COVID-19.

All individuals admitted to a courthouse should observe social distancing while in the courthouse, staying at least six feet away from other individuals to the extent reasonably possible.

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