Is Your Candidate Coming To NH This Week?

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Candidate Cory Booker is pictured with Decoding the Vibe's Susan Dromey Heeter.

2020 is just around the corner and just about all of the candidates are coming back to NH!

Below is your list of the upcoming public events on the 2020 campaign trail in the next week or so.

Don’t miss Decoding the Vibe at in which NH columnist Susan Dromey Heeter tells it like it really is for the candidates and their entourage.


  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Concord Rally with State Employees (Fri 12/27, 3:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Democracy Town Hall in Concord (Sat 12/28, 5pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang early NYE in Concord  (Tues 1/31, 5:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Town Hall on Family Friendly Economy in Concord  (Thurs 1/2, 11:45m, RSVP)
  • Sen. Cory Booker Concord Civil Liberties Forum (Thurs 1/2, 1:30pm, RSVP)
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg Franklin Town Hall (Sun 1/5, 9:45am, RSVP)


  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Dover Healthcare Town Hall (Sat 12/28, 12pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Dover Town Hall (Sun 12/29, 11:30am, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden in Exeter (Mon 12/30, 3pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Exeter Town Hall (Mon 12/30, 6:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Portsmouth early NYE  (Tues 12/31, 1:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Rochester Town Hall (Thurs 1/2, 7pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Cory Booker in Exeter (Thurs 1/2, 7pm, RSVP)


  • Andrew Yang Nashua Town Hall (Mon 12/30, 2pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang early NYE in Manchester (Tues 1/31, 8:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Nashua (Wed 1/1, 11:45am, RSVP)
  • Sen. Cory Booker Politics Unplugged at St. A’s (Thurs 1/2, 3:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Cory Booker Nashua meet & greet (Fri 1/3, 12:30pm, RSVP)
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg Nashua Town Hall (Sat 1/4, 11:30am, RSVP)


  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Lebanon Town Hall (Fri 12/27, 1pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Newport Town Hall Breakfast (Sun 12/29, 10am, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden in Peterborough (Sun 12/29, 1:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Claremont Town Hall (Tues 12/31, 12:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Keene Town Hall (Tues 12/31, 3:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang in Lebanon (Wed 1/1, 2:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Keene Office Opening (Wed 1/1, 5:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren Hanover Town Hall (Thurs, 1/2, 4pm, RSVP)
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg Claremont Town Hall (Sat 1/4, 2:45pm, RSVP)


  • Sen. Bernie Sanders Plaistow Corporate Greed Panel (Sat 12/28, 3pm, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden in Milford (Sun 12/29, 5:15pm, RSVP)
  • Joe Biden in Derry (Mon 12/30, 5:45pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Salem Town Hall on Disability Issues (Mon 12/30, 4:30pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang early NYE in Derry  (Tues 1/31, 4pm, RSVP)


  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Wolfeboro Town Hall (Sun 12/29, 2:30pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Conway Town Hall (Sun 12/29, 6pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Gorham Town Hall (Mon 12/30, 12pm, RSVP)
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar Littleton Town Hall (Mon 12/30, 4pm, RSVP)
  • Andrew Yang Plymouth Office Opening (Thurs 1/2, 4pm, RSVP)
  • Mayor Pete Buttigieg N. Conway Town Hall (Fri 1/3, 11:30am, RSVP)

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The Iowa caucuses are Monday, February 3rd, and the NH primary is Tuesday, February 11th. So traditionally, mid-to-late-January is a bit slower in NH (as lots of candidates are spending lots of time in Iowa) and the week before the primary (from 2/3-2/11) is usually the busiest of the primary in NH! Plan ahead…

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