Ken Starr’s ‘Contempt’ Details a Past Divide Over a Different President

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CONTEMPT – A Memoir of the Clinton Investigation


Readers, think with me for a moment about how President Trump should be held accountable for belittling U.S. Senator John McCain or disparaging immigrants’ homelands as “shithole countries.”

Following Ken Starr’s interpretation of the Constitution, there is nothing to prevent one or both Houses of Congress from formally expressing their agitation of the president’s ill-mannered statements or conduct through the mechanism of resolution of censure.

Monica West

This resolution of censure was once used by Congress to express its great objection to and for President Andrew Jackson back in the day. 

Ken Starr believed that if a censure had been combined with a sanction, it would have been been a way for President Clinton to have avoided the impeachment process. 

Contempt is a must-read if you are a Protrumper, a Nevertrumper or someone who is just interested in the course of politics in our time.  Every day we hear, read and experience Twitter references of the political happenings.

We experience comments on dueling network newscasts pointing fingers at who is at fault for the government shutdown.  Who is not at fault and who really knows how to fix immigration, the fence or barrier or wall and who is taking care of business.  What is happening?  Who do you trust?  Who stretches the truth and who underlines a lie?

Current books regarding our times have not hit the libraries yet.  I could go buy one. No.   I will wait until they hit the shelf of my library.  While I await them, I thought I’d see how previous administrations have been held to the fire of U.S. law.  What a ride this book was.  It is a page turner.

If you want to know the who, what, where and when of the Clinton impeachment process, this is for you.  Yikes – it was interesting as heck.  You will find from the evidence what the outcome should have been and could have been.  Better than any mystery book you will ever read.

Ken Starr is not someone I admired even back in the day.  His book, however, has given me insight into the author not just as a prosecutor, but as a believer in truth and honesty. He writes as if you are enjoying a cup of coffee with him before a fire on a winter’s day.  I like the man.  I didn’t like the prosecutor who went steaming after President Clinton.

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