OPINION: ‘No Right Way To Do the Wrong Thing’ On Northern Pass

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Coos County Commissioner Rick Samson

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By Rick Samson, Coos County Commissioner District Three

The recent decision by Massachusetts RFP 83 D Selection committee to seek a contract with Maine is not only a welcome decision but also a more honest, thoughtful and sensible direction for all concerned.

I have stated all along in this ill proposed project that “there is no right way to do the wrong thing.” Ignoring the welfare of the entire state of New Hampshire and our citizens for corporate greed is not the New Hampshire way.

For far too long PSNH now Eversource has controlled the Public Utilities Commission and had their way with rates and regulations. The SEC has weighed the evidence and said that Eversource has not met the burden of proof to have the proposed project approved.

It is not the job of the SEC to negotiate or give Northern Pass the answers they should have already had to gain approval for an uncompleted application. Nor is it the Governor, House or Senate members’ responsibility to change the laws to help NP circumvent the SEC or the residents of our state.

What does this decision mean for the upgrade of the Coos Loop? Does this raise questions about the fate of the proposed 100 + wind turbines that will be subsidized  by the federal government on Yale University’s Bayroot land, similar to the Coos Wind Park?

Eversource says they will continue to pursue NP against all decisions by the SEC, the residents of New Hampshire, common sense and decency.

There is still “no right way to do the wrong thing.”

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