Soldati Announces for NH’s 1st Congressional District

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Lincoln Soldati of Portsmouth


“It’s time to do something about an administration
 that is unchecked and unbalanced.”

PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire — Lincoln Soldati announced today that he is a Democratic candidate for New Hampshire’s First Congressional District.

Soldati promises to continue his lifelong fight for social justice. That fight means affordable healthcare for all, criminal justice reform, and meaningful action to combat the opioid epidemic ravaging New Hampshire communities.

Soldati, a Portsmouth native, is well known for his public service. For more than 17 years, he served as Strafford County Attorney, where he worked to protect the rights of victims. He was also mayor of Somersworth when he lived there and is now living in his hometown.

Soldati, a longtime attorney, is passionate about the direction of our country:

“The Republican-controlled Congress is too afraid to stand up to the President — they have forfeited their responsibility to check Executive power — and they’ve enabled a President who is unbalanced. It’s time to do something about an administration and Congress that is unchecked and unbalanced,” Soldati said. He doesn’t mince words when it comes to President Trump and the need for separation of powers.

Soldati also committed to the same standard set by Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s history-making campaign. “The outsized influence of money in politics has eroded our democratic institutions and diminished the voice of the average citizen. The voters of New Hampshire want this election determined by the voters in our state, not the moneyed interests in Washington and K Street. That’s why I’m making the same commitment that Congresswoman Shea-Porter did throughout her time in Congress: I pledge to refuse all contributions from corporate PACs and DC lobbyists, and I urge my opponents on both sides to do the same.”

He went on: “I’ll tell you something – they don’t know me yet down in Washington DC, but they know me here in New Hampshire as a fighter, a workhorse, and someone who is passionate about his family, his community, and New Hampshire.”

About Lincoln Soldati
Born and raised in New Hampshire, Soldati is a statewide leader with nearly 40 years of experience as a trial lawyer (both as prosecutor and defense attorney), teacher, criminal justice reformer, speaker, and elected public servant.

He has spent more than 20 years in public office at the local and county level  – most notably serving nine terms as Strafford County Attorney, as well as serving on the Somersworth School Board, the Somersworth Charter Commission, and as the Mayor of Somersworth.

As Strafford County Attorney, Soldati created the Victim Assistance protocol which has become the state standard for prosecutions and investigations into sexual assault and child abuse cases.

He spent countless hours in the state capital advocating for criminal justice reform before several NH Senate and House committees on issues including: victim’s rights and compensation, child protection, reciprocal discovery, juvenile justice, legal limits for DWI, the Bail Reform Act, competency and commitment procedures, expanding wiretap use in drug cases, and abolishing the death penalty.

Soldati was awarded the Roger M. Fossum Award “For outstanding dedication and service on behalf of NH’s children and families.” He is perhaps most proud of his work in successfully initiating legislation to transfer the cost of a rape examination kit from the victim to the state.

He also trained judges, attorneys, police, medical personnel, rape crisis counselors, and college and high school students on jurisprudence and NH’s criminal justice system. During his time as a public servant, Fosters Daily Democrat described him as, “The standard by which all other county attorneys are measured.”

Soldati graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Dover; University of Notre Dame, IN; and Franklin Pierce Law Center (now the University of New Hampshire School of Law.)

He served in the United States Army from 1969 to 1971. He was raised by a feminist who worked in Civil Engineering at Pease Air Force Base, and a WWII veteran who took his talents in the kitchen to the Officers Club at Pease, Soldati’s Restaurant in Durham, and a local catering business.

Settled in a post-WWII government housing project for returning veterans, he grew up with a strong sense of pride and love for the granite state.  His energy and curiosity led him to obtain a private pilot’s license and develop a number of hobbies, including carpentry and woodworking, music, and the family business – cooking. To this day, Soldati loves being in a kitchen.

He and his wife Kathleen, both lifelong Democrats, raised four children in a house that was a home to the community. Their door was never locked, the holiday party was for all neighbors of all ages, and Lincoln would make breakfast for all who visited.

Above all, Soldati believes in the value of community, in neighbors helping neighbors, and building friendships that make us thrive. Lincoln Soldati is a generous soul, a passionate advocate, a community-minded citizen.

The New Hampshire primary is slated for September 11, 2018; the general election takes placeNovember 6, 2018.

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